Thursday, October 11, 2012


I came across the JC Penney exclusive Draculaura today and was surprised at how cool she is! Like the Coffin Bean and Dot Dead Gorgeous Draculaura dolls she's pretty simple design-wise and lacking in any extras, but I love her hair and faceup! It's not a unique faceup, it's just really pretty. Her dress works, too, in a less-is-more sorta way (no I'm not talking about the length). Usually I don't even like Draculaura dolls. Totally unexpected.


  1. Hi John, I found this doll for sale online and I'm just wondering, how long is the hair if it were straightened? I'm so lucky to know your blog btw! They didn't write the namein the listing so I went crazy trying to remember where I'd seen that print!

    1. I grabbed mine to get a better look. If straightened, it should land right above her rear end, or right at it. The pink streaks are shorter than the black, and there's some mild layering at the sides so you'll want to keep that in mind, too :) I believe the print is reused from maybe her Sweet 1600 doll? Or DOTD? I don't own either of those dolls but I'm fairly certain it's from one of those that it originated. You should definitely get her, BK! She's definitely a simple doll, but in only the very best "less is more" kinda way. Very pretty!