Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rochelle Goyle: Un Coeur De Pierre Qui Saigne

Forgive my pretension, but you may have noticed that I often use blog titles in French. The thing is, as I continue this blog I'm finding more and more ways to add in little bits of myself beyond my MH fandom. And although I'm not an expert, I love the French language. Today's title translated -- Rochelle Goyle: A Heart Of Stone That Bleeds. Because even though she may be made of granite, she's a romantic girl with a heart as big as Paris itself.

Rochelle was announced simultaneously with Robecca and Venus but she's the only one I've yet to review. The thing is, Rochelle came out several months before those two and has already gotten a lot of coverage online, so doing a straight-forward review of her basic doll didn't really make sense. And, being completely honest, I feel a particular fondness for this girl that I believe warrants special attention anyway. I can relate to Rochelle. I know it sounds silly but it's the truth. I get the over-protectiveness, the big heart, even the jealousy. These are the details that make her an interesting character.

There's also the fact that the upcoming Scaris line seems to be more or less built around her, and with her next doll coming very soon, I really do need to talk about her basic release before all the attention completely shifts to the new doll. Because we all know that little bundle of black lace in a pillbox hat is gonna go nuclear the second she hits shelves.

Rochelle has a particularly interesting backstory: a French gargoyle and foreign exchange student new to Monster High, whose protective of those she loves (even when maybe they don't want it), who has developed a yin for Deuce, Cleo's boyfriend. Oh, the drama! It's a great set up for the character; right off the bat we understand her and her motivations. Her years spent guarding a certain cathedral in Scaris have given her a naturally watchful eye, and she's intuitive to those around her. Being from Scaris, the most romantic city in the world, has left it's mark on Rochelle; she loves love and the drama that often comes with it. And since it was her decision to attend Monster High, made after years of mulling it over, we know she's a thinker with a mind of her own and once it's made up, no one can change it. Yes, Rochelle is my kind of girl.

As for her doll, obviously she's fantastic. She's immensely popular within the MH fandom. She has granite skin and wings, straight hair in cotton candy pink and blue streaks, and gigantic pink eyes. Hers is by far the sweetest face of any MH doll -- all wide eyes and concerned brows. From certain angles she even looks a little sad. It really endears her to me, actually. Her outfit is oh so Parisian, the top reminiscent of a French sailor, the skirt mirrored for a stained glass effect, and shoes and purse adorned with Fluer de Lis. She even wears pink short stockings that hint at Chanel. The girl is stylish. Roux is her pet gargoyle.

One of my favorite things about Rochelle dolls is that no two are exactly the same. The flecks used in her plastic to mimic granite are spread randomly in every doll. Some Rochelles have a clear face while others seem to have moles on their nose, or chin, or cheek, you name it. They're all beautiful. The pink and blue streaks in her hair are randomized as well. Some Rochelles have completely blue bangs (way cool), while most are more evenly mixed. You'll notice in my pics that my Rochelle has very little blue at all. I call her my Pink Lady. Je suis totalement l'adore!

Since I probably won't be covering Rochelle again until I get her Scaris doll, and because I felt her awesome basic doll deserved it, I took a slew of pictures of her today. Here's to you, Rochelle; can't wait to see you in Scaris!


  1. You should take advantage of the spring & summer seasons this year, because you take great pictures outdoors.

    Rochelle is lovely once you get a good look at her. I wasn't that fond of her at first (in pics online), but I recently bought her a couple of weeks ago with Nefera. She has the sweetest facial expression, it's a little bit sad with some hope in her eyes. Also, I like that she has a more prominent nose than some of the other ghouls. As someone who is a bit self-conscious about her own facial features, it's nice that Rochelle isn't too unrealistic.

    Her outfit is pretty, not too girly frou-frou like Draculaura or Cupid, but vintage & feminine, if you understand my meaning. I never knew her skirt had a velvety texture to it, either.
    Love her shoes most of all; I like them better than her Scaris shoes, because they're not too over the top.

  2. Thanks Felicity! I've actually been looking forward to the spring and summer season a lot! Aside from the fact that I hate winter (like, REALLY hate it -- I'm cold natured as it is, the last thing I need is the weather to make it worse!), it also means I can head outdoors for doll pics! Natural lighting is so much easier to work with, and dolls simply look more interesting interacting with nature, imo. I haven't gotten to do it yet mostly because it's been a particularly cool (and often dreary) April in my area, and the big wave of new dolls hasn't completely hit yet and inspired me to head outside.

    I think had Rochelle been revealed on her own I would've been much more excited about her, but since Robecca and Venus were revealed as well they took a lot of my attention off her. I was definitely looking more forward to the other two. Of course we see how that turned out lol. What I like about Rochelle's face in particular are the "moles". You never know where one is gonna end up, and the ones with them on the nose or chin have so much personality!

    Agreed about her outfit. I think what I like so much about it in comparison to Draculaura and Cupid is that it feels like it's rooted in real fashion while still having a slight fantasy element. It also touches on her French theme in several ways -- it's pretty clever in that regard. I really love her Scaris shoes but I too would give the edge to the basic ones. They're a bit simpler but also a bit more rooted in reality.

  3. Do you speak any French, btw?
    I learned a bit of French in my first year of High School (I wanted to learn Latin, but they didn't offer it). Unfortunately, I've forgotten most of it. :(

    1. I took a couple of French courses in college, but like you I've lost most of it lol.