Monday, October 22, 2012


In my two years of collecting MH there's one thing I've never done when taking pics of the dolls: taken them outside! How weird, right? Before I started collecting MH I was a Blythe fanatic, and I always took pics of them outside. I'm not sure why I never took my MH dolls outdoors for shoots. I guess it just never crossed my mind. So weird! Well, I remedied that situation today. I grabbed the 7 random dolls that struck me in the moment and out we went. Even though I'm still working with a point and shoot I'm really happy with the results. (That said, on the Christmas wishlist: better camera!) Outdoors they go...

We kick things off with Ghoulia's striking eyes.

Rochelle is right at home on the iron.

Purple is the color of royalty.

I think Draculaura was just glad to be included.

Lagoona brought the color.

And Riding Wolf was supposed to bring the picnic but forgot...

... leading to a famished and exhausted Frankie. (Hope no one mistakes her for a cadaver!)

Day's end, but Rochelle didn't want to leave. (I love the shadows in this shot.)

Thanks for looking! This was a really fun shoot!


  1. I only recently discovered this blog (two days ago) and I've read and loved every single entry. Your observations are always interesting, detailed and helpful; I really look forward to future entries! I have my fingers crossed for a review on I Heart Fashion Frankie :)


    1. Thank you so, so much for the kind words, Demmy! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog! You're in luck - Fashion Frankie is definitely on the shortlist of upcoming doll reviews! She's simply too unique to not cover on here.