Friday, April 4, 2014

I'm gonna tell you about love...

Let's forget your life
Forget your problems
Administration, bills, and loans
Come with me...

In the demonstration of this evidence
Some have called it religion
This is not a coincidence
Would you like to try?

Put away your past
Love will never last
If you're holding on
To a dream that's gone

Don't let it get you down
Keep the fighting spirit and turn your head around
Don't let it take you in
Keep the fighting spirit and you'll begin again

Poor is the man
Whose pleasures depend
On the permission of another

Nothing takes the past away like the future
Nothing makes the darkness go like the light

I realize that nobody wins
Something is ending and something begins

Nothing really matters, love is all we need
Everything I give you all comes back to me

I'm gonna tell you about love
Would you like to try?

There's no love like the future love
Come with me...

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Focus On: Black Carpet Operetta

Bright Lights, Black Carpet: A Closer Look at Operetta

List mania:

1. Let's start with BC Operetta's hair. I wouldn't exactly call it silky, but it's the closest to it yet for an Operetta doll. I really am amazed at just how soft it is. It's not dry or brittle in the least, two anti-qualities that are usually mainstays of her dolls. Big thumbs up for that, Mattel!

2. Again, the hair. This time it's the style rather than the texture we're talkin' here. It's very unique: black on top, where it has been pulled into a side ponytail holding thick, lush curls. You can play with these curls quite a bit. They aren't gelled at all (thank the Lord!), and can hold a wide variety of styles. Flowing loosely underneath the black are her brassy red locks. They have a moderate wave, and as previously mentioned, the texture is primo. In terms of texture this is easily the best we've ever gotten for an Operetta doll.

3. The dress. Ohhh, the dress! There's just so much detail here. Her shining, ruby red bodice (topped by red lace, no less), gives way to a raised waist of black and white that leads to a thickly pleated skirt featuring a print of Art Deco piano keys. A layer of pleated red tulle rests under the skirt, ending three-fourths of the way down in peek-a-boo style and featuring a black print of music bars and notes. All the materials used have fantastic textures, especially the piano key skirt. It's impressive!

4. Operetta's forearms and hands are painted to create the look of evening gloves. To keep it "Oppy" one glove is black while the other is white. On her left wrist is her now-familiar piano key bracelet. She wears drop earrings that also evoke piano keys. Her shoes are solid black repaints of her deluxe fashion pack heels. She also wears a Music Festival lanyard. (Not sure what that's doing here -- maybe it'll be explained in her diary. No, I haven't read it yet.) If you ask me, it looks out of place on such a smart, upscale ensemble. She carries an oldschool camera -- it even has a flashbulb! -- that is decorated with one of Oppy's key defining details -- lots of conwebs!

5. Her purse is a doozy. In keeping with the other BC dolls, it's somewhat small and doesn't function. But it's absolutely beautiful so we'll let that pass. A black pearl wristband gives way to a flapper clutch. The basic shape is triangular, with the very tip adorned with cobwebs. From there, piano keys fan outward, ending in short, dangling strands of black pearls. Impressive. Who cares if Operetta's a 50's girl? If she can pull off other eras just as well as her usual default setting, I say go for it!

6. Her last piece is her wonderful  headgear. And nope, this time it ain't no mask! She wears a white, heart-shaped hat adorned with five small black circles. I suspect these are supposed to represent rolling dice. Black-spotted tulle spouts out from underneath (a very cool touch). The tulle in back has been shredded into several thin strips, a subtle nod to punk. Although you can place this on top of her head for the standard effect, I suggest playing around with it -- there's no telling what you'll come up with!

7. There's one last thing I haven't talked about and that's her faceup. Black Carpet Operetta is a gorgeous doll, no doubt about it. But I feel like this faceup is very familiar/uninspired. It's pretty, don't get me wrong. She's wearing taupe eyeshadow, a color I love, but there really can be too much of a good thing. We've also seen smoky shades and shimmer surrounding Oppy's eyes many times over. Again, beautiful doll, but Mattel needs to start getting aggressive in trying new colors on this girl's face. To further illustrate my point, BC Oppy wears bold red lipstick. Need I go any further?

I hate to end on a bad note, so I'll finish by saying that, despite the samey faceup, this is one of Oppy's most unique, beautiful, and just plain fun dolls! Go get her -- you won't be disappointed!

An added bonus: HQ diary scans!

Til next time!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Angel of Music, Angel of Death

Starring Operetta as the unseen Angel of Death and Catty Noir as the Soon Deceased

Father once spoke of an angel
I used to dream she'd appear
Now as I sing I can sense her
And I know she's here

Here is this room she calls me softly
Somewhere inside, hiding
Somehow I know she's always with me
She, the unseen genius

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Get The Look

Ghoul Spirit Spectra Vondergeist

Spectra's ready for a rollicking night out, glam in gold and chains ready to rattle! Get the look:

13 Wishes Spectra minidress...

... with gold chain wedges and matching belt.

Ghouls Night Out Clawdeen translucent zebra print top in purple and black...

... gold studded headband and black studded wrist cuff.

Gold studded choker of your choice...

... and Abbey Bominable deep purple ice purse. (Not pictured, major fail on my part.)

Ghoul Spirit Venus McFlytrap

After spending the afternoon showing her ghoul spirit at the MH pep rally, Venus got "dolled up" and hit the town with ghoulfriend Spectra Vondergeist. Get the look:

Picture Day Abbey Bominable shirt-dress in day-glo blue, purple, and red...

... white capris with matching geometric print, ice belt in black, and sparkling black shrug.

Vampire/Sea Monster CAM heels in black with purple-accented cuffs.

Her own mismatched Ghoul Spirit earrings and neon green wrist vines.

And finally, Picture Day Draculaura's heart purse in hot pink and black. (Venus chose to carry the purse black side facing out.)

Hope you enjoyed today's post! I wanted to try something a little different, and highlight how gorgeous the Ghoul Spirit dolls are once you get them into some better clothes than what they come in! As always, thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Clawdia's Voicething Debut

I’ve been itching to take some proper pics of miss Clawdia Wolf, but she came out of the box with her beautiful, yellow tendrils smashed flat as pancakes. They needed a week or two to relax and take their natural shape. They’re still not perfect but I think they’re ready for their closeup. As for the doll itself? Given my patchy feelings on Clawdeen’s siblings — Clawd bores me and Howleen makes me want to jab my eyes out with a dull spoon — Clawdia has been a very nice surprise! I love the larger-bodied dolls in general, and that smiling mold is something new for MH. What I really love is her faceup, especially her stripey eyeshadow. Aside from the shimmering top layer it’s matte, an effect I almost always appreciate. Her outfit is tasteful, fitting for her age. Her red knee-high tights basically give me life — love ‘em! As you can tell from my pics I prefer my Clawdia sans glasses, but they’re definitely cute when I’m in the right mood. All in all, another great doll from MH! Beautiful, unique, and loaded with personality!