Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mer Girl: Lagoona Blue Character Spotlight

I love the sea. I know, saying that is a bit like saying I love breathing, or I love music. It's one of those things that's just a given. But as much as I love it, there's someone who puts my affection for it to shame. You know who I'm talking about...

Lagoona Blue is based on Creature from the Black Lagoon, the classic Universal film from 1954. I have a confession to make: I've never actually seen Creature from the Black Lagoon. For shame, yes. The closest I've come was seeing a musical based on the movie at Universal Studios Hollywood a few years back, but the less said about that, the better. But I know the basic story, and the monster himself is an iconic film creature. I'm certainly familiar enough with the story and monster to know Mattel took some major liberties in conceptualizing Lagoona Blue.

Where the original creature is mean and green, Lagoona is friendly and a light blue color. They both have webbed fingers and fins, but Lagoona looks much more human than the creature. Of course, Lagoona is said to be the daughter of the Sea Monster, which is pretty vague. Maybe the original creature is more of a distant relative. Or maybe her mother was human. That's a scary thought -- moving on!

In the web series Lagoona doesn't seem to get as much screen time as the other core characters. When she is involved in a plot line she usually moves the story forward significantly, either by assisting the main character in some way or by giving some friendly advice. Lagoona speaks with an Australian accent and uses Aussie slang. As she puts it, "I'm from down under... the sea!" She loves to surf, and with her blonde, streaked hair, there's no doubting she spends a lot of time in the water.

Lagoona is a bit of a bleeding heart; she's kind to everyone and hates to see anyone in pain. Her character is further fleshed out by being romantically linked to Gil Webber. Their relationship is given some gravitas by being written as a metaphor for a mixed race relationship -- she is a seawater creature while Gil is freshwater. This has caused problems for them, as Gil's parents are against his dating a seawater creature.

Unfortunately, I find Lagoona's portrayal on the show to be a bit, well, boring. Although she's admirable in her constant support of her friends and strong moral sense, she's not particularly exciting. To be honest I have a feeling the writers know this, and it's why we don't see her as much as many other characters. I imagine it's not always fun to write such an earnest character. Nonetheless, she's a great role model for younger fans of the show.

If you've read my previous posts on Lagoona you already know she was the doll that drew me in to Monster High. Looking around it seems she was the "gateway doll" for many MH fans. It's not hard to see why -- with her huge green eyes, translucent fins, and curly blond hair, she's easy to notice. She's unique, not just among playline dolls, but even within the MH line.

Her basic doll sported a vaguely hip hop-inspired look, with it's vintage 80s looking short-shorts, leotard (with attached knee length fishnets), and hoodie. Of the wave 1 basics she's still my favorite. Her subsequent dolls failed to really excite me, although this year she's made a bit of a comeback, with her Dot Dead Gorgeous and Skultimate Roller Maze dolls being among my favorites of her. Her upcoming Dance Class doll can now be seen online (and my initial thoughts on her are positive, as well).

Lagoona's signature colors are aquatic blues and greens, with touches of pink and black. Her accessories generally consist of bubble shaped earrings and bracelets and lots of assorted seahorses, clams, and fish hooks. Her makeup is done is pastel shades, usually of pink and purple. The only major complaint waged against Lagoona dolls is the quality of the hair. Her blond, blue-streaked curls never fail to turn into a tangled mess. Otherwise, Lagoona is pretty well-liked among collector's. She has 8 dolls released to date; her ninth is the forthcoming Dance Class doll.

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