Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Get The Look

Ghoul Spirit Spectra Vondergeist

Spectra's ready for a rollicking night out, glam in gold and chains ready to rattle! Get the look:

13 Wishes Spectra minidress...

... with gold chain wedges and matching belt.

Ghouls Night Out Clawdeen translucent zebra print top in purple and black...

... gold studded headband and black studded wrist cuff.

Gold studded choker of your choice...

... and Abbey Bominable deep purple ice purse. (Not pictured, major fail on my part.)

Ghoul Spirit Venus McFlytrap

After spending the afternoon showing her ghoul spirit at the MH pep rally, Venus got "dolled up" and hit the town with ghoulfriend Spectra Vondergeist. Get the look:

Picture Day Abbey Bominable shirt-dress in day-glo blue, purple, and red...

... white capris with matching geometric print, ice belt in black, and sparkling black shrug.

Vampire/Sea Monster CAM heels in black with purple-accented cuffs.

Her own mismatched Ghoul Spirit earrings and neon green wrist vines.

And finally, Picture Day Draculaura's heart purse in hot pink and black. (Venus chose to carry the purse black side facing out.)

Hope you enjoyed today's post! I wanted to try something a little different, and highlight how gorgeous the Ghoul Spirit dolls are once you get them into some better clothes than what they come in! As always, thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Clawdia's Voicething Debut

I’ve been itching to take some proper pics of miss Clawdia Wolf, but she came out of the box with her beautiful, yellow tendrils smashed flat as pancakes. They needed a week or two to relax and take their natural shape. They’re still not perfect but I think they’re ready for their closeup. As for the doll itself? Given my patchy feelings on Clawdeen’s siblings — Clawd bores me and Howleen makes me want to jab my eyes out with a dull spoon — Clawdia has been a very nice surprise! I love the larger-bodied dolls in general, and that smiling mold is something new for MH. What I really love is her faceup, especially her stripey eyeshadow. Aside from the shimmering top layer it’s matte, an effect I almost always appreciate. Her outfit is tasteful, fitting for her age. Her red knee-high tights basically give me life — love ‘em! As you can tell from my pics I prefer my Clawdia sans glasses, but they’re definitely cute when I’m in the right mood. All in all, another great doll from MH! Beautiful, unique, and loaded with personality!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pinkeye Frankie

When Frankie contracted pinkeye she thought it would mark the end of her social life, or at the very least bring it to a screeching halt for several weeks. But, being the enterprising girl she is, she found a way to make it work for her! No, her Ghoul Spirit outfit didn't do much to distract from the large pink orbs surrounding her eyes. But one day while racing to the ladies room to apply more ointment to her infection, she happened to peak inside the Art Classroom and saw Skelita wearing the cutest little pink and fuchsia ensemble she'd ever laid her swollen eyes on. That's it! she realized. I'll borrow Skelita's dress and those beautiful pinks will almost surely compliment my freakishly pink eyes! Skelita, a sweet girl still new to Monster High and wanting desperately to fit in, immediately obliged Frankie's request. At first Frankie also tried Skelita's super cute striped vest over the dress but that was a no-go. But the dress alone? Perfection! Frankie strutted into school that day with the kind of moxie usually only seen by red carpet starlets and Tumblr users on a crusade. Sure, thanks to that gooey eye ointment she tripped twice and walked right into a column, but she pulled it together and continued on with aplomb. And the collective Monster High student body was indeed impressed with her masterful mashup of pink eye orbs and fuchsia dress bodice. The finishing touch was her bold blue streaks, placed perfectly above her ears and pulled into a flat ponytail. She added a blue under dye for dramatic effect. It worked a charm. Now all the ghouls at Monster High have been on the lookout for pink eyeshadow.... or Venus, to ask where the nearest poison ivy leaves are. Frankie, we bow to thee. We're not worthy.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Slithering Fashion, Bitten Beauty

Nothing too extensive today. I did a clothes swap between Viperine (swoon) and Honey (dayum). Take a look...

Honey does boho and it fits her like a glove.

Meanwhile Viperine owns nerd chic. (Glasses courtesy of Apple White.)

Words are useless in the face of such beauty.

Did we just time travel? This is the 70s, right? Where's the flux capacitor?

Clutch courtesy of Raven Queen. (Those princesses love to share. That's just how cool they are. You should go get a few! They're on sale at Justice, hint hint.)

I just turned to stone. And I love it.

Being serious, I'm wanting to review one of these two but I'm not sure which. What say you?


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Viperine, Niece of Medusa

Hello dear readers! Sorry for the absence! But I'm back, and today we're gonna be taking a very quick look at Viperine Gorgon, daughter of Stheno and niece of Medusa. (Cool.)

Hoping to take a closer look at this beautiful, fierce, slithering monster of fabulousness very soon. At the very least, I feel safe in assuring you she will get a full caption review. She definitely deserves it!