Monday, August 26, 2013

Nouveau. A la mode. Monstres.

Summer may be coming to an end but gorgeous new MH dolls certainly aren't!

Scarah is here. John is pleased.

What's this? A male doll on Voicething? Never say never, indeed!

Has the fan community decided what to call this Spectra yet? The playset she comes with is called Party Lounge. Party Lounge Spectra makes the most sense, I suppose. But personally I've been calling her the much more succinct, and infinitely more cool, DJ Spectra!

2013 has been a great year for fabtabulous Clawdeen dolls!
ILF Clawdeen is yet another winner for this fun, fierce character!

I've had her for a minute now but I'm just now getting around to debuting Swim Frankie on the blog. Frankie+blue streaks+stripey bangs+bold faceup=WIN! (Wicked swimsuit, too!)

Dead Tired Robecca is yet another winner. The more naturalistic makeup totally works for her!

Not one but two male dolls making their debut on Voicething? Is that a pig I just saw fly by?

Sorry Ghoulia, Cleo's too busy loving shoes to work on yall's class project!

Heath's doll is a total cutie! He and Abbey look great together, in my opinion.

Can this girl work it or what!

Anybody else prefer DJ Spectra in just her minidress, belt, and shoes?
Don't get me wrong, I like the top that's worn over this, I just feel the minidress on it's own is more "Spectra".

Between the wavy, middle-parted hair and the return of the original facemold,
DJ Spectra may just be my favorite 2013 Spectra doll!

I really can't get enough of these group shots.

Once you remove the apron, Abbey's outfit is pretty damn cool.
It'd look just as good at the disco as it does at school!

ILF Clawdeen's wolf tee is errthang!

As the year has progressed I've been keeping a tally of my favorite 2013 dolls for this year's best-of list coming in December. Without giving too much away, let's just say that ILF Scarah is the only doll that could give a certain Chinese dragon we met at the "tail" end of last year some competition as my favorite 2013 doll. Oh wait, think I just gave too much away! ;-D

Swim Frankie's faceup reminds me vaguely of her SRM faceup.


That's it for today, friends! I'm hoping to have a review ready for Voicething's one year anniversary in a few days. Fingers crossed!

Til next time!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Photo Set: Ghoul's Day Out Starring Rochelle Goyle

Why the possessive in the "ghoul's" of the post title? Because we're only looking at one ghoul today. That said, one ghoul does not mean one doll...

Lovely to see you, Rochelle! Your outfit -- which I love, by the way -- looks a little "sassier" than the clothes you usually wear. It's a nice change for you!

I've always felt you have such a sweet, friendly facial expression; you make Lagoona look angry by comparison! Your GNO look is probably the closest you're ever gonna get to fierce, and even then it's a stretch.

Mm-hmm, work those fleur-de-lis heels, girl! Say, I wonder who else is around here?

Oh, nobody I guess. But damn, Rochelle, that sure was a quick change! You related to Superman or something? Wow, I love your eyeshadow -- aqua is definitely your color! I must say, something about you looks a little more "monster-y" than usual. I like it!

Okay, now you're just goofing off!

Yes, I definitely like this look on you -- very nice. You look so serene.
The bun really emphasizes your endearingly shy personality. J'adore!

Another change! I can't keep up!

You got a haircut! If you ask me, this is easily your best 'do to date. Very chic. Digging your shades, too!
Did you get them at the same store Briar shops at? They remind me a lot of hers.

Yeah, your beach bag's cool I suppose. It's really hard for me to focus on it because I'm still freaking out over your amazing hair! Yes, your swimsuit is pretty wicked, too. The detailing on the bodice is just so you, Rochelle. You have great taste!

Now that Mattel has decided the quality of Cleo's hair should be variable from doll to doll, you've become my go-to girl for dependably fab tresses, Rochelle. Hope it stays that way!

Since you're here anyway, readers, how about a little box art...

Today's post may be a teaser of things to come...