Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gloom Beach Clawdeen revisited

Once you've amassed a certain amount of dolls it gets hard to give them all the attention they deserve. This is especially true of Monster High. There are just so many different characters and lines constantly coming out that older dolls kind of get pushed to the wayside. With this in mind I pulled Gloom Beach Clawdeen off the shelve, threw together an outfit, and got to snapping. While I was shooting I was reminded of when I bought this Clawdeen. I had just gotten into MH and Gloom Beach was the newest line at the time. This was my first Clawdeen. It was only two years ago but because of the shear amount of dolls released since then it feels longer. Compared to the newer dolls this older one actually feels a little nicer. The texture of her hair is good and her faceup is well done; not too heavy and not too light (although one of her eyes is just a tad off). I obviously love the new dolls too, but they do seem to have taken a small dip in quality. Anyway, it was really fun to do this, and I rediscovered my love for GB Clawdeen. For the outfit I used greyscale SS Frankie's swimsuit, Classroom Lagoona's lab coat, Fashion Abbey's wrap, and Classroom Ghoulia's glasses. The finishing touches were Toralei's purse and Fashion Abbey's high tops. It's a random combination but I think it looks pretty cool.


  1. I was just wondering did you buy your Gloom Beach dolls separate or in the 5-pack with Ghoulia? Again, I would like to know if the dolls in the pack are worse/different than in solo releases, if you know. Thank you!

    1. I bought all my GB dolls separately; I never picked up the GB 5-pack. Unfortunately this means I don't have GB Ghoulia :( From what I hear the situation with GB is similar to SS -- the solo dolls are generally considered to be of slightly higher quality than the 5-pack dolls. But I couldn't say for sure since I don't have the pack myself.