Monday, November 25, 2013

The healing power of friends (and dolls)

Exactly one week ago today I got some very bad news involving my job, and therefore my career. I briefly touched on this on Tumblr (when I was in meltdown mode -- classy, John!). In the wake of my posting that, I got an outpouring of support from you guys. First, I want to thank you all for the calls, texts, emails, and PM's. I was devastated by what happened and have spent the past week shut off from the world. I just needed some time to myself to regroup, recharge, and try to make sense of what happened. That said, I will be in touch with each and every one of you over the next couple weeks. You guys really do mean so much to me, and your support has not gone unnoticed!

I'll also be getting caught up on blog comments over the next few days. In my week-long "recuperative period" I didn't even visit the blogs. To be honest, the blogs were the last thing on my mind. But I haven't forgotten about the projects I was in the middle of when the proverbial sh*t hit the fan. My New Scaremester Jinafire review will be posted soon. I actually have it completely written, I just have to get more pics taken. I also plan to continue my Apple White series over on The Sequel and Tumblr. And, of course, there was that tantalizing hint I dropped a couple of weeks ago about MH paper dolls. Ideally, at the very least I will be caption reviewing those. We'll see, right?

In the meantime, I was able to find some more new MH stuff in my area. Most of these dolls are probably already old news by now, but for a frazzled, down and out MH collector, they were a Godsend. Beautiful new dolls just have a way of cheering one up, especially when they're as beautiful as these ladies...

The new girls! (Well, sort of. We'll get to that.)

Skelita! If only you knew how much life you give me.

Seriously y'all, this doll is heroin in the form of plastic, saran, and zany flowers. I'm addicted.

Skelita, you need to cut it out. You know you're stealing all of Ula's thunder in this shot. And this is a Ula I totally love! That's some serious mojo on Skelita's part, folks!

Draculaura with bold yellow streaks and yellow and red eyeshadow and liner makes me happy. Oh, and it's topped by shimmering taupe shadow (!!!). Also, her dress is beyond cute.  This Ula is like a unicorn, magical and something I'm still trying to convince myself actually exists. But there she is on my shelf. Unicorn Ula is real!

Art Class Abbey is hot. Or in her case should I say she's "cold"? Whatever, you get my drift: girls got it goin' on!

Hey look! Cat Tastrophe has finally made her way onto the blog! (Damn Abbey, Art Class is totally working for you. Gorgeous.)

This is my second Cat Tastrophe. The first one had horrifically bad wonk-eye. But she was the only one on the shelf at the time so I snapped her up.


This Cat's eyes ain't perfect, but they're much better than the eyes on my other one. Love this doll so, so much!

Art Class proves that the mojo Mattel's been workin' on the new MH lines is for real. These are gorgeous dolls, every single one of them.

Once again, I truly appreciate you guys' support over the past week. I'll be in touch with all of you soon! Hope you enjoyed the pics! Til next time!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you got bad news :( I hope you are feeling better, and I hope the dolls give you some comfort. Even though they are just dolls, I know from experience that it's good to have something like that to keep one's mind off of real life trouble.
    Hang in there, honey, stay strong! Love, Mighoula

    1. Thanks, Mighoula :) I'm trying my best to just figure out what the next step is, how to handle the situation. Hopefully this will all be resolved soon. I'm not holding my breath, but I am holding on to hope!

  2. Aww man! I don't get alomg with Tumblrs so I have no idea what happened, but I'm glad you're back and I hope everything will be okay! The new dolls are awesome, they really cheer you up! Hugs from Blackkitty, hubby and cats (^^)~

    1. I didn't go into specifics on my Tumblr post -- it really was just me basically freaking out! Lol. The dolls really have brought a big smile to a face that was up to then frowning. Hugs back to you, the hubby, and the kitties!

  3. Ah!
    Be still my heart!!
    You're back! Finally! I was so worried about you. I hope you're doing better now. Glad those new dolls provided you some much needed comfort. Personally, I LOVE this new Art Class Abbey. She's freezing beautiful! ;-)

    1. So sorry I disappeared there for a bit. Of course, proof of just how silly a person I am can be found in how I've started worrying, as my money starts to dwindle -- HOW am I going to get the Honey and Viperine once they show up in my area?!? Priorities, eh? ;)

    2. It's alright, handsome. I understang. Gone through a lot hard stuff myself. Go through a lot it every year, it seems, lol!
      Oh well... we're Scorpios, so, we don't break easily but we do get fed up with people walking on us and so, we eventually sting. Shows them right, fuckers! ( and by that, I also mean life's trials and obstacles).

      Also, I totally get you, regarding the dolls... I'll often starve myself or deprive myself of something else I need that is much more important just so I can get the dolls I want, lol!

      As ridiculous as it might sound, getting some new dolls will indeed bring a lot of joy and happiness to a guy who's feeling down. Trust me! Even just spending time looking at my old ones brings me comfort and some much needed soothing.

      Hold on, baby. Stay strong and do not give up, no matter what.
      Much love. xoxoxox

    3. I think we were built to handle this stuff or something. The wherewithal to keep going just kinda builds from out of nowhere, it seems. I'm glad it's there!

      As for dolls, I've passed on certain things against my better judgement just so I can get more. (As if I don't have enough already! Eek!) They're very calming for me too -- sometimes just relaxing with a few of my favorites nearby is so nice. I suppose it is ridiculous, but life is ridiculous. Gotta make it work somehow! lol

      Thanks for being so incredibly supportive, Tristan.

  4. i was wondering where you were and i am so sorry your having a rough time but i always like to say it cant rain forever !! :) and im sure honey and viperine will come to you some how you will find a way... i love the new dolls especially toralei i have been waiting and waiting to find her at my local target

    1. Thanks Ricky :) At the moment I'm not sure what's going to happen, but I do pray the rain ends soon! In the meantime, I'm just trying to enjoy my dolls and hopefully get more reviews up very soon!

      Toralei at Cat Tastrophe is such a cool doll. She may just wind up on the Top 10 this year... ;)