Friday, November 29, 2013

It's not like she planned on being a teenage superhero...

We're so not worthy.

Charging up the power of justice!

"It felt like I was drinking hot chocolate... and getting a brain freeze at the same time."

Bow, mere mortals, to the beauty of Voltageous!

"She's going to need a costume..."

"... and a name..."


And now for a miniseries I'm calling Electro Collar...

Thanks for looking! Til next time!


  1. WOW... BEAUTIFUL... she reminds me of the older frankies and that is so great... but also new and exciting... i think it is because her eyes are normal and it just brings back the original for me... i definitely have to add her to my collection, i haven't been lucky enough to find her or toralei yet... but here is to hoping !! and these are some great pics john !!

    1. Thanks Ricky! I hadn't thought about it but there is a sort of original vibe to this one -- good eye! (Pun intended ;) )

  2. just want to say I LOVE FRANKIE STEIN !! ok good to get that out of my system... i have looked at these pics like a thousand times

    1. Ricky! I'M RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! Frankie forever! Seriously! LOVE this ghoul so, so, so much :D