Thursday, November 14, 2013

Everybody Comes to Hauntlywood: Black Carpet Clawdeen Wolf

I've been hitting the reviews pretty hard over the past week. I need a break from doing in-depth coverage, but Black Carpet Clawdeen is too gorgeous to not discuss. So today we'll hop on caption lane and make it quick. But it'll be worth your time, I promise!

Clawdeen aligns nicely with the other Black Carpet dolls. Fairly simple (but very pretty) dress, elaborately molded accessories, minimalist purse, etc.

Like the other dolls, her shoes are one solid color (in this case gold), with one small black embellishment on the strap that covers her toes.

When we first saw pics of this doll I found her faceup to be kinda clash-y. Oh how wrong I was! Teal eyeliner and shadow give way to a very subtle golden shimmer that goes to her brows. More gold shimmer runs under the eyes, but it shines much more intensely. Her shimmering lips come in a muted burgundy.

Clawdeen wears an elaborate choker and shoulder guard of strung beads. Crescent moon charms of various sizes connect the beads.

Her hairstyle is a doozy. In front the hair is purple and parted on her right, with the portion on her left gelled into a tight curl. The right side is pulled under the ear into a ponytail in back. Aside from three purple streaks, the hair in the ponytail is a beautiful light auburn color. It's rather different from her usual chocolate brown hair color. The ponytail is rife with thick, lush curls that fall to her shoulder blades. It's a fussy 'do, but wow is it gorgeous!

The only earring she wears is this large crescent moon in her right ear. Beaded moonbeams reach outward toward the sky.

Her belt is made up of several rows of studs and a large buckle. A chain dangles underneath baring skullette charms.

Black Carpet Lagoona is mostly Art Nouveau in design; Cleo is Nouveau with small touches of Art Deco. Clawdeen is full-on Art Deco.

Her simple purse is a studded crescent moon in violet. Six strings of beads dangle below, each ending with a crescent charm.

In keeping with the other dolls in this line, the print of her cocktail dress is genuinely beautiful. A black base features a print of purple tiger stripes in a stylized, repeating "X" pattern. They frame gold and purple crescent moons and are accented with golden, Art Deco starbursts.

The bodice is topped by purple netting with a black leopard print. Unlike Lagoona and Cleo's dresses, Clawdeen's has sleeves rather than straps. The asymmetrical skirt features purple ruffles, below which hang two layers of pleated netting.

Psst! I have a secret to tell you: I like this doll more than her Scaremester doll! A lot more!


  1. this is really a great clawdeen (i feel like i say that a lot lately) she has had one beautiful doll after the other... clawdeen went to scaris and after that she was never the same (for the better i might add :)) this dolls make-up is great !! and i love all the dresses of the FCA-BC line... so did you get draculaura too i read the lagoona cleo review and hear is clawdeen but did you get all 4 BC dolls ? i personally cant wait to see FCA in person specially honey !!

    1. Lol yep -- Scaris changed the girl -- she learned even more than we thought while she was there! I didn't pick up Draculaura, but usually with her, the dolls have to wear me down over time. I'll probably end up getting her in like 3 months, once I've finally decided "okay, love her now!" Lol! I'm super excited for the New Stars, too! Tristan managed to get ahold of Honey and Elissabat yesterday -- they're gorgeous, dude!

    2. I confirm! I went to some stores on Wednesday to see if I could find Lagoona and Spectra from DT wave 3 and instead, what do I find? Elissabat and Honey!!! On my birthday, nonetheless!! I totally did not expect that because I was absolutely certain they would not arrive where I live before January or February 2014.

      So anyway, both Elissabat and Honey are drop dead gore-geous. Elissabat is like a darker and more gothic version of Draculaura. But I adore her hair and mostly, her outfit. It is, without a single doubt in my mind, one of the Top 5 best Monster High outfits ever!!

      However, the real prize is Honey. She's one of the most beautiful doll MH has released since they made their debut in 2010. And she's guaranteed to have a solid spot in my Top 10 best MH dolls for 2013. She's amazingly beautiful from head to toe. (Even Spectra and Operetta can't stop staring at her, in complete awe).

      Her hair is wild and hyper fierce, Her face up is both subtle and strong, with vivid colors. Her outfit is something right out of Jem! It's outrageous, unique, colorful and it totally rocks, with the creepy and smiling little flowers on the skirt, the black and furry second layer under the skirt itself and the alligator head shoes. (Yes, it's like her feet are inside an alligator's skull).

      Plus, her eyes are hypnotizing. One of the best set of eyes ever. And she has palmy hands like Lagoona but with claws like Abbey. And last but certainly not least, her entire body is covered with beautiful and intricated vines and round leaves, that go from the sole of her feet to the upper part of neck. It climbs on her legs, arms, breasts, belly and even her ass and her "woohoo".

      This doll, is, in my most humble opinion, a perfect 10.

    3. They both sound beyond fab. Is it true Honey has the larger bosom, like Operetta? In pics it looks like she does. Based on what I've seen so far I would agree -- Honey looks like a surefire all-time top ten MH doll!

  2. oh really he has honey !! im so jealous TRISTAN !! from the time honey was revealed at comic con i have been in love, she is just so different and funky and cool, i hope out of all the FCA dolls she is the one i come across first :) if tristan doesn't mind me asking where did he get them ? justice ?

    1. I believe he found them at Toys R Us. Tristan?

    2. Yup! I found her at Toys 'r' Us, in Quebec, Canada. Not sure when she'll be released in USA, but I hope you guys can get her soon. She's a true beauty and a stunner. And those eyes... it's almost like she's "smizzing", lol!
      I have to force myself to not stare at her for too long. Which is quite a task because that ferocious ghoul commands to be observed all the time ( which, needlessly to say, sorta irritates Spectra, who needs to be reassure she remains numero uno in my heartt).

      Yes, Honey has a larger bossom. Don't know why, tough. She's quite voluptuous, he he he ;-)
      You guys are goin to seriously adore her, I'm certain of it.

    3. Omg smizzing! I'm cracking up! And I can totally see it! Lol!

      I wonder what's up with southern characters and MH? Seems the large bust is a running theme. First Operetta, now Honey. Hmm.

      Anyway everything I've seen about Honey is basically lifechangingly good. The last time I was this excited about a new character doll was Scaris Jinafire, and that was over a year ago.

    4. Yup! Smizzing! A real Tyra Banks. Or Tyra's version by Raja (Gemini, on RuPaul's Drag Race... minus the bleeding, lol).
      Seriously her eyes are luminous from pure happiness, I believe. She looks happy. As soon as you get her, you'll notice that she really stands out among the other MH dolls.

    5. She looks devilishly gleeful -- love it!

  3. I must say, I did not expect her like this. What a pretty face-up, and her hair! That is such a nice shade of purple, it suits her well! I think of the BC budget dolls, she may turn out a favorite, closely followed by Lagoona!

    1. Absolutely. I can't believe I gave this doll a thumbs down initially when she was first revealed. But seeing the dolls in real life can really change things, can't it? This is a genuinely beautiful, detailed doll. She doesn't feel very budget-y to me at all. Like I say at the end, I actually prefer this doll to NS Clawdeen. :-0