Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Art Class Abbey: Sparkling Sexy Retro Goddess

I had already picked up on this based on all the NYCC photos we saw of her, but Abbey's Art Class doll totally has the same groovy, laidback, sexy vibe that Frankie's SRM doll has. And although I think AC Abbey's outfit is actually really nice and very fitting of that laidback, sexy vibe, I wanted to put her in something a little more trendy, but with a strong retro feel. Enter: Frankie's deluxe fashion pack cocktail dress combo. I also wanted to emphasize the grooviness of AC Abbey's middle-parted, wavy locks. To achieve this I grabbed Robecca's deluxe fashion pack headband/eyepatch, turning it around so the patch and earring are in the back. And so I give you Art Class Abbey, clothes changed, emphasis on retro and funk and groove...

Just... wow.

Oh, I forgot to mention in the intro -- she's also really fierce! Consider this pic "Exhibit A".

I know I already paired Spectra's DDG purse with this outfit in a previous review, but whatever. It just works so well with this dress, in my opinion.

Literally all that comprises her eye makeup is electric blue shadow. That's it. No liner, no shimmer, just electric blue all the way around. Simplicity: learn it, live it, love it. 

Exhibit B

I really adore how the headband holds her middle part in place. It's retro; almost hippie-ish. But the shimmering streaks and tinsel of her hair combined with the 80's-style outfit keep it from coming across as "stodgy flower child". It's more "sparkling coke queen", if you ask me. Oops, did I just say that out loud? Whatever.

God Abbey, just when I think I'm over you for good Mattel goes and releases a doll like this. It has me feeling all "I'm not worthy" again. Mattel, please stop sporadically releasing amazing Abbey dolls so I can just move on from her once and for all!

Exhibit C

The prosecution rests it's case. This is indeed one hot-damn fierce, fun, groovy, sexy doll. If you find this Abbey boring, dull, or samey, you clearly have no taste and need to, I don't know, jump off a bridge or something. Art Class Abbey is nothing short of astonishing.


  1. She looks really cute!

    I adore this rooting on her as well (I think it's her first center parted doll?) and while she's lower on the list this holiday season I definitely am charmed by her a lot & a particularly cute one might just jump the line in priorities ;3

    1. The only ones I can think of with a middle part are SRM and DT, but those both had the usual straight hair. Combining the middle part with that fantastic wave makes such a big difference with this doll! She looks much more laidback and groovy imo. Once you get that mask that comes attached to her head off and start playing around with her hair the doll's personality really comes shining through! She's up there with PD, ILF, and SRM as one of my very favorite Abbey dolls.

    2. Oh, forgot to mention in my captions, but before I took these pics I went through and tweezed a bunch of her tinsel. I wouldn't mind the tinsel on Abbey since it does look like ice which fits her theme, but it refuses to stay down. Yuck. I did leave in enough to keep the sparkly look, though.

    3. She's indeed one fierce ghoul! Va va va voom!
      And she knows how to work a runway! That face alone... to die for! Fantastic job, you did, as usual.

      Also... " sparkling coke queen",
      This made me laugh so hard! Sounds like a new song title for the sexy Miss Lana Del Rey, doesn't it? ;-)

    4. Omg it really does! Maybe my Lana love was floating around in my head subconsciously when I wrote that lol. Actually that wavy middle part kinda looks like her look from a few months ago, speaking of. Glad you liked the pics :D

  2. Her make-up is amazing! One of her best face-ups indeed! Great make-over too, she looks particularly good in Frankie's fashion!

    1. Yes and yes on the makeup and hair! This is Abbey as she should be -- an ice cold, fierce, high octane goddess! I've now got her in the most recent Abbey FP -- which came out a year ago but that's another matter entirely -- and she looks just as gorgeous in it, too!

    2. I love that fashion pack! That dress is amazing, I have it on my CaM Ice Girl and she looks amazing in it!
      This is indeed Abbey as she should be! But i must say looking at the promo's for upcoming dolls, and seeing the Black Carpet dolls and all, I think mattel finally knows how to get it right with some of our beloved characters! BC Lagoona is also such a winner! Mattel is really stepping it up with make-up and hair lately. And looking at the most recent and upcoming Frankies, with the added colors in her hair, wow! I've got my hopes up for 2014 :D

    3. BD Lagoona is her best doll in quite a while, and she's had some great ones lately so that's really saying something. For me it's all about that teal hair and ultra-red faceup. In general, they've totally gotten their groove back! Hooray! Celebrate! :D

      Btw, if you like these AC Abbey pics, you GOTTA see these:

    4. Lovely pictures! She looks so 'untouchable' too, you can tell from her look she's a strong character, I like that!
      On another note I must say I really loved the GR line XD
      Most of the outfits were indeed a bit too much but the dolls themselves I find gorgeous. Right now, it's the only themed line I have all the dolls from and when some of them have another outfit they look amazing. Part of the atraction for me was they all had something unique in their face-up and I'm such a sucker for that!
      I hope you don't think any less of me now, haha! It's no secret you really dislike that line.

    5. Now Mighoula, you know I ain't gonna judge you just because you like a line I hate! Even though my jokes about certain lines are always based in truth, I also always have my tongue planted firmly in my cheek. I would never, ever think less of you for disagreeing with me about a doll or line. (Though I may rib you about it, but only in a friendly way :D )