Saturday, November 3, 2012

The path to Scaris will give you the answer...

The answer to what?, you ask. For me, the answer to how the hell do I get my hands on Howleen without paying a fortune online?!? You see, over the last several days reports have been coming in that the Dance Class and Scaris dolls are now on shelves. The Dance Class dolls most certainly are out there -- they've even popped up on the Toys R Us website sporadically. (To no avail for me -- I'm always just a little too late it seems.) As for the Scaris dolls, those reports are a little more sketchy. Mostly I've just seen pics of them in some random warehouse. Warehouses do not equal store shelves. The only legit out of box pics I've seen of the Scaris dolls are of those two that got mailed out accidentally by Mattel. Well, and the Skelita doll Mattel sent to KittiesMama.

To make a short story long, these reports have had me scouring all my local stores the last several days. And while I never came across any Dance Class or Scaris dolls *sadface*, something exciting and perhaps just a bit magical did happen: I finally found the werewolf sisters 2-pack at Target! It was totally unexpected, especially considering the only reason I even went to Target was to look for the new lines. But there they were, one lonesome box of two werewolves just begging to be taken home. And I was oh-so-happy to oblige! This find was especially gratifying because I had already given up hope of ever owning this Howleen. So yes, the road to Scaris gave me the answer, and now I have a lovely Howleen. Even lovelier than I had thought she was based on pics. She's a gorgeous doll! No full review but I will say that I'm totally happy with her. The fauxhawk is way cool and I love her bright, admittedly fussy outfit. It's garish in the best possible way. No pics of the Clawdeen doll included with her because, let's face it, she may be a pretty doll but she's completely unessential. Honestly Mattel, the next time you release a basic doll please don't make her an exclusive in a multipack. That was just silly. Anyway, onto Howleen!

Nice profile

Gorgeous face

The full shot

LOVE the boots and mismatched stockings!

All in all a pretty amazing little doll!

Since I touched on it already, there really is a lot going on with Scaris at the moment. A couple of days ago Monster High's Facebook page started posting pics of Skelita along with tidbits of her bio. You can check it here, but seeing as these are official shots and not fanmade, I'm gonna share the pics with you (I don't think Mattel minds these things, or at least they haven't said so if they do). Simply put, Skelita looks AMAZING! See for yourself...

You can also watch Kitties Mama's review of the doll on YouTube. (Is Kitties Mama the kid in the review? Is the kid Kitty and Mama does the behind the scenes grunt work? Are they two people trapped in the same body? So confused.) The review shows just how truly unique Skelita's body is and gives some more background info on the character and plotline of the Scaris story.

Oh, Skelita, how I wish I had you now...

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