Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: Dance Class Lagoona Blue

AKA, Lagoona finally has silky hair! Before I get too far ahead of myself I'll let the box back explain the set up with this doll--

So yep, Lagoona's dance style is classical ballet. Yeah, more like water ballet. (Actually, that totally would've worked for Lagoona.) I know Mattel wants us to buy the idea that this outfit is a leotard with tutu but let's get real: that's totally a swimsuit with a wrap that just happens to utilize an elastic waistband instead of actually wrapping. Need more proof?

Hello, swimsuit!

Seriously though I do like this outfit, I'm just not buying the ballet set up. Her swimsuit/leotard is black with fuchsia kelp and white bubbles. It has fuchsia straps that form a V above the bust. It's honestly quite fetching. Over it she wears an electric blue tutu/non-wrapping wrap with a print of more fuchsia kelp. It has an elastic waistband and can be removed. I like the tutu as well, but kind of prefer just the swimsuit/leotard on it's own.

I have no idea why I put her in this Janet Jackson If video pose for this pic. Anyway, here's the outfit up close!

Unsurprisingly, Lagoona comes wearing shoes. Some might interpret these as ballet slippers of some sort (it would require a very loose interpretation), but not I. They're fuchsia wedges with a starfish that rests above the hood. Tentacles wrap her lower legs. We've seen many iterations of shoes with wraps on Lagoona, but in the past they have always been hard, molded plastic. These differ in that while they're indeed molded plastic, they're very loose. You don't even have to remove her fins to take them on and off -- just unwind the tentacles. It's pretty cool!

For extras Lagoona has an aqua-colored dance bag in the shape of an oxygen tank. This is a really clever touch and ties perfectly into Lagoona's general oceanic theme. It has a handle featuring a molded seashell and a gauge; kelp hangs off one end. It opens on a couple of hinges. She also wears a bracelet -- it's a fuchsia repeat of the one her Dot Dead Gorgeous doll wears. To be honest I actually prefer it in this color, and the molded tentacles perfectly match the ones on her shoes.

As with Dance Class Robecca, I've left faceup and hair for last this time. This is yet another beautiful faceup for Lagoona. She has blue eyeshadow that surrounds the entire eye, with a layer of silver above it that goes all the way to her brows. A purple line is drawn through the upper portion of the blue. There's a light sheen over all of it. Her lips are a truly amazing bright shade of fuchsia -- they're my favorite thing about this particular faceup.

If you've been paying attention to the pics you've probably noticed my Lagoona has a few problems with her face. She has a nick out of her upper lip, an unpainted spot above her right eye, and a tiny red dot above her left eye. When I was at the store there were a few Lagoonas and I did what any smart collector does and inspected them all before making my choice. I just straight up missed the spots on the eyes. But the lip had to have happened after I got her. I pulled out the box and sure enough, there was a tiny streak of fuchsia on the plastic window -- that definitely wasn't there when I bought her. I must've banged the box around too much after purchase. I have no idea how it happened. I was super excited to get the dolls but it's not like I went running out of the store doing fist pumps and high kicks (that you know of). Anyway, it looks like a second Dance Class Lagoona is in my future. And I won't hold these paint defects against her since I really should've noticed the eyes before I bought her, and it seems I caused the lip rub myself.

Moving on, as I mentioned right up front, this Lagoona has silky hair! Just a couple of Lagoona reviews back I pined for a Lagoona with silky hair -- I guess the Mattel Gods heard my plea. Seriously though, this is some fantastic hair. Long, soft, silky, with the Lagoona hallmarks of light blue streaks and endearing sidepart that I love so much (but totally goes against the cool middle part in her box art). The only thing we had to sacrifice were her curls, but it seems a fair trade off. So yes, celebrate, Lagoona has brush-able hair!

Overall grade: B+ Mattel's trying to pull one over on us with this whole classical ballet thing. That said, the outfit is cool in it's own right. I especially like the swimsuit/leotard. Extras are nearly nonexistent but the oxygen tank dance bag is clever and looks good. Her face and especially hair are rather amazing.

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