Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: Picture Day Abbey Bominable

Today we're looking at Abbey Bominable, specifically her Picture Day doll. If you've read my Picture Day Spectra Vondergeist review you'll already know this line leaves me a bit confused. Are these dolls new basics or themed to school pictures? If history repeats itself (and you know it always does, right?), the fan community as a whole will decide this one. But even then I can foresee Picture Day occupying a sort of limbo where no one exactly knows for sure what these dolls are supposed to be. Because I'm pretty sure the heavily themed boxes and included Fearbooks are going to leave many saying themed line, but personally these feel more like new basics to me despite the Picture Day additives. Whatever the case, we have a new Abbey doll -- her eighth or ninth depending on whether you count this doll or her Scaris one first. I know this fact has many in the fan community groaning due to the shear amount of Abbey dolls released over the past year. As I've been writing this blog I've come to acknowledge, and even accept, my fanboy leanings when it comes to Abbey, but even I have to admit it really is a lot of this character. There are four dolls in this line and getting a new Spectra and Cleo is fantastic. But Abbey (and Draculaura even more so) seem like they could've been skipped this time. How about a new Toralei? Or Lagoona? I know the re-release of her 2.0 Basic from last year is flooding shelves at the moment but it would've been nice to have a brand new, basic-y Lagoona. Plus all her new dolls are in budget lines; a deluxe Lagoona release would've been great. If nothing else, the box art for the Picture Day dolls is all about poking lighthearted fun at the girls, and Lagoona is a character that could seriously use some levity to lighten her up. Just take a look at Abbey's picture from the box--

Pretty funny, right? This drawing is the first sign that while it would have been refreshing to see a more unexpected character in this line in place of Abbey, they've at least made the most of this set up and the accompanying doll. (Although there are a few minor design choices that leave me scratching my head. We'll cover those as we reach them.) Abbey comes with a Fearbook that highlights the vast array of MH characters rather than pushing her character or story forward.

Picture Day Abbey sports a brand new 'do. For the first time she has bangs! I'm surprised it's taken this long considering we're on her eighth (or ninth) doll at this point. And seriously, Abbey knows how to rock some bangs hard and right. They look great on her! Even the design of the bangs is cool -- while the right half are completely white the other half is made up of her signature blue and purple, split in half. One lone pink streak fills in the first long portion of her hair where the bangs end. Although she also has the blue, purple, and pink streaks underneath, the top of her hair is completely white except the colored portions of her bangs and that pink streak. The look is striking and unique. With the exception of her SRM doll this is the first time we have an Abbey with no ponytail, no headband, no sleep mask. Although not prefect, the tinseled bits are staying down a bit better than usual, especially considering none of it is anchored in any way. When I first de-boxed her and combed her hair several strands came loose and required a trim. Other than that this hair has been pretty great (for Abbey), and I love the style in general, so it gets a huge thumbs-up from me.

In the promo picture for this line Abbey had the older style eyes; between the cool 'do and the older eyes I was super excited for this doll. In reality this doll has the newest eyes, the sharply pointed ones. I much prefer the older eyes in general but my favorite version of this character is Fashion Abbey, a doll that utilizes the newest eyes, so I guess I don't dislike them that much. This Abbey has a great faceup. Her eyes are surrounded by a thin layer of electric blue eyeliner topped by a muted pink shade of shadow that goes partway to her brows. Both the liner and shadow are matte. And that's it for the eyes! Less really is more (and more often than not). Her lips are the same shade as her shadow and are semi-glossy.

Picture Days Abbey's outfit is a bit of a doozy. There's a lot going on here, and it's doing so in some loud colors. She wears a long, sleeveless shirt (dress?) in blue with a print of purple, lavender, and red (we'll come back to this in a sec). At the top, over the bust, hangs a... piece, in reflective green. It lands diagonally over the bust in a sort of dripping ice shape. The print on this top is done in a soft, airbrush style. It's kind of like what you'll see at those stands you find in the mall or an amusement park where you can get a personalized shirt, done in airbrush by the artist. In this case the print is kind of shapeless, just bright blue with some abstract block-y things in purples and red scattered throughout. I think maybe these are supposed to represent day-glo ice in mid-melt, but who knows really. The piece at the top adds visual interest, although I'm not sure why they went with green. Some might consider this top tacky, but I have a well-enough developed sense of irony to find it delightfully tacky. So yeah, I'm totally on board with this look. Under the shirt she wears white tights with a print of blue, pink, purple, and black in sharp geometric shapes. The tights end halfway down the calf. At her waist is a black ice belt. I tried the outfit without the belt and it looked horrendous, to me anyway. The shirt suddenly seemed kind of shapeless and just plain odd. It's amazing the difference one little belt makes. She's also wearing a jacket of shiny black fur. I love this jacket -- it adds a touch of glam to the look, not to mention it anchors all that craziness going on underneath it. I removed the jacket and still liked the look, but not nearly as much. Abbey wears black semi-transparent boots topped by thick ice cuffs. The cuffs are so thick that when you stand the doll straight with her legs unbent they rub up against each other and push her legs apart. It really surprised me because off the top of my head I can't think of any other MH shoes that do this. It's not a big deal, and I always have my doll's legs bent anyway, but it did surprise me.

Abbey's accessories are where most of my confusion lies. For starters, she only wears one earring. It's nothing huge, and the one earring look is a thing, so it's fine. But like the boots, it surprised me. The design of the lone earring is a bit counter intuitive. It's a pink dangling ice form, but on top it has a half loop that insists on constantly getting caught in her hair. It's unavoidable, to the point that I finally just took it out. It looks cool. But it will drive you crazy.

She wears a matching pink brass knuckle, or in this case ice knuckle. Abbey has big hands and the ice knuckle has been squeezed over her three middle fingers, leaving them totally misshapen. Once again, kind of surprising, but I like the look of them so on they stay. And I have plenty of Abbey hands so I can always do a switcheroo if I decide I want to ditch them. Instead of a purse Abbey comes with a pink ice backpack. It doesn't open. The backpack isn't stand friendly so I've taken to looping one of the straps around her arm, basically forcing it to function as a purse anyway. Looped through the top of the backpack was a set of black keys on a ring. The ring has a large open space and it kept falling off the pack. I've taken to just wrapping it around her neck. It looks like a necklace anyway, and it stays on much better there than it did on the backpack. Abbey's last accessory is a blue folder adorned with a broken ice pattern.

Overall grade: A- I really like this doll! I love her simple but pretty faceup. Usually the new "sharp" eyes come across as angry to me, but here she just looks fierce. Her outfit may be loud bordering on tacky but it works. This is a brand new hairdo for Abbey, and a good one at that. The actual quality of her hair seems a bit improved. There's some oddness going on with her accessories but it's mostly minor (although the hair-grabbing earring really is annoying). She comes with plenty of extras. This is one of my favorite Abbeys, actually. I appreciate the new hairdo (especially how they did the bangs and long pink streak), and the unique outfit is growing on me more and more.


  1. The bangs are perfect! I love the hair so much. But thse clothes are little weird. I think black doesn't suit her very well.

    I think Picture Day is new basic line. Maybe they just wanted to do something else than diaries with basic dolls.

  2. It was definitely an outfit that had to grow on me. The top especially is very loud. I agree about them basics and replacing the diaries with the Fearbooks. I like that Mattel isn't afraid to mix it up with that type of stuff. It keeps us guessing! :)

  3. I don't know what to think of this Abbey. I appreciate what Mattel tried to do with her hair and the colors in it but the whole picture just screams Barbie to me. Now, I don't have anything against Barbie but it's a whole different thing from MH and I like to keep is separate.
    I love her make-up though but I think that's the only thing I like about this doll. The outfit is a bit of a mess and green and black don't really work for her. I also don't get the accesories, I agree with you on that part!
    Overall, she's not my fave Abbey but I'm happy you can appreciate her ^^

  4. I wonder if that top is loosely inspired by aurora borealis a.k.a northern lights? The blending of the colours & the metallic green overlay make me think of the phenomenon, anyway.
    Or perhaps a swirly popsicle ice-cream?

    Before I forget, what makeup colours would you like to see on Abbey? Considering she looks so similar with the pink & purple.
    (I feel that Lagoona is also a victim of this one-look face sometimes)

    1. Ooh, I hadn't thought about the northern lights. You never know with Mattel, maybe that was the inspiration? Whatever the case, I can see the resemblance. The northern lights fascinate me. Aren't they considered one of the wonders of the modern world?
      On Abbey, hmm, maybe some teal and silver eyeshadow and black lips. That might sound horrid, but in my mind it makes sense and looks really cool lol

    2. I'd consider them to be a wonder of the *natural* world. Along with volcanoes, reefs, glaciers, waterfalls etc. :)

      Black lips, eh? Like DotD Draculaura? That would be interesting, indeed.
      Actually, I'd love to see Operetta rock some black lips.
      I was thinking dark blue eyeshadow or lips for Abbey. I think dark eyeshadow would really make her eyes pop! Some silver would be nice, too!
      She can certainly rock dark colours anyway, her ILF doll has certainly proved that.

    3. Here's what I was thinking of, Felicity :)

    4. Oh! So you'd want her makeup to be inspired by the northern lights!
      Now that sounds *cool*!

    5. Well, that would certainly be cool! But I posted that link because it talks about the aurora borealis being one of the seven natural wonders of the world :)

    6. No worries, my friend! I can see how I worded it confusingly.

    7. Northern Lights as seen from Space. It's breathtaking!
      Watch this on mute & listen to a song that makes you feel alive.

      Hey, it's sort of relevant to the subject, right? ;D

  5. Link 1
    Link 2
    Link 3
    Link 4
    Actually, if you change the search query to 'midnight blue' on DA, you yield some pretty good results. :)
    ~Just some examples of wintery/northern lights eye makeup.

    1. Wow, those are really pretty! Abbey could totally rock those looks!

    2. Yeah, they're very eye-catching. See what I did there? Hahaha

      I like the second picture the best. I can imagine that on Abbey. The teal/green would bring out her eye colour, while the dark purple could blend well with her blue skin. Maybe a purple-to-blue ombre/gradient look?

    3. I think just about any of them would look good on her! :) I'm holding out for a teal and silver faceup for our frosty friend. (That alliteration there wasn't a bit cheesy, nope not at all.) lol