Thursday, December 12, 2013

Voicething's Official Top 10 Monster High Dolls of 2013

It's that time of year again, folks! Twinkling lights are casting their glow from houses lining the streets and the Muzak version of Happy Xmas (War Is Over) is echoing through tinny speakers as I walk the aisles of Kmart. (Oh irony, you're a beautiful and tragic thing.) Christmas is nearly here, signaling not just a grumpy John (what can I say, I'm a bit of a Scrooge), but also that 2013 has almost come to an end. But it's not all gloom and doom here at Voicething. Christmas time also marks the season of countdowns, and 'round here that means I get to take a look back at a full twelve months of doll releases, judging every single doll Mattel put out, then ranking them. (Judging and ranking are two of my favorite things to do!)

This has been an interesting year for Monster High. This time last year we were wallowing in the glory that was Scaris: City of Frights and Picture Day. Well, maybe you weren't but I certainly was. From that vantage point 2013 looked boundless in possibilities; Mattel was at a creative high point and the year hadn't even officially begun. Now that the dust has settled, my feelings on MH 2013 are a little more measured. The mid-year releases seemed to sag a little creatively, especially 13 Wishes, which for me was a mixed bag at best. But most damning was Mattel's quality control standards. By mid-year they had dropped precipitously, with wonk eye at an all-time high and thin or improper hair rooting becoming more and more of a problem. Compounding things was the fact that characters whose dolls used to be "old standbys" in regards to consistent quality saw serious problems with oddly shaped eyes that went beyond wonk eye. Although no character was off limits, Cleo, Frankie, and Ghoulia seemed the hardest hit by this epidemic. Interesting indeed.

Before you go accusing me of being too negative, I have to point out that I had a really hard time compiling this year's list. Mattel released more MH dolls than ever before in 2013, and despite the mid-year lag I still had some tough choices to make in regards to what I felt were the best dolls. Some of the cuts I had to make were truly painful. (Sorry Bloodgood, you're a really cool doll but you just aren't top ten material.) The same rules as last year were applied for this year's list. Only dolls scheduled for 2013 release were considered. This means lines that we already have on shelves like Frights Camera Action! and New Scaremester aren't eligible -- they'll be on next year's list. Also, even though I've come around to appreciating the MH male dolls, they still weren't considered. Truth be told, Heath would've been the only one who had a chance, and he still wouldn't have made the list anyway. Just like last year I've included my additional 11-20 dolls, but this year I decided to officially rank them. Let's get started!

20. Clawdeen Wolf -- Skultimate Roller Maze

19. Rochelle Goyle -- Dance Class

18. Operetta -- Picture Day

17. Spectra Vondergeist -- Ghouls Night Out

16. Frankie Stein as Voltageous -- Power Ghouls

15. Operetta -- Diener Playset

14. Frankie Stein -- Scaris: City of Frights

13. Catrine DeMew -- Scaris: City of Frights

12. Clawdeen Wolf -- I Love Fashion

11. Abbey Bominable -- Picture Day

10. Spectra Vondergeist -- 13 Wishes/Party Lounge Playset

2013 was a great year for Spectra. She saw more doll releases than ever, and even got a bedroom playset. For me the best of this year's bunch was this doll (whom I've affectionately dubbed DJ Spectra), a rather simplistic take on the character compared to her other releases. For starters, she has the "old" facemold, which will always trump the new one no matter what accoutrements a doll comes with. That said, her wavy, middle-parted hair is a huge plus. Combined with her Bollywood-style top it gives her a strong retro vibe. Better still is the sleek minidress she wears underneath. On another note, I'm noticing more and more that when it comes to MH, I don't care all that much about character placement and canon compared to other fans. Many cried afoul that Spectra was included with this music themed playset instead of a specifically music themed character like Holt or Operetta. Me? Eh, whatever. They could've included Cupid or Bloodgood or whatever random character with this playset for all I care. If I like a doll I'm getting it and if I don't I'm not. It's really all about the quality of the actual dolls more than what fits "canon" for me.

9. Catty Noir

Released as a special Friday the 13th offshoot of the Ghouls Night Out line, Catty is pretty much her own thing. She makes for an interesting contrast with the typical "deluxe" Draculaura doll, seeing as she's just as loaded down with sparkles and glitter and pink. But while deluxe Ula dolls never work for me, Catty left me stunned. Perhaps it's her "unlucky thirteen" theme giving her an edge, or maybe I just prefer my sparkly pink to come with a knowing wink. Whatever the case, Catty makes this costume-y look work. Her wild eyes and jet black skin tone combine with her gaudy outfit to give her a boldness that quite literally shines. Her hair texture isn't perfect but it's extra-long and thick and fun to play with so I'm down. She's loaded with personality and, in my opinion, exemplifies what a pink-laden modern playline doll should be.

8. Lagoona Blue -- 13 Wishes

For as many things as Mattel gets wrong with MH I really do think they're pretty self-aware. Or they at least occasionally do actually listen to fans. Too often Lagoona's dolls are called samey, and while I love her to death, I don't disagree. Maybe those accusations are what lead to this doll. She's easily the most unique Lagoona doll they've made. Her loud colors mean the fan base is pretty split on this one -- you either love her or hate her. Clearly I fall on the side of love; in fact, this is my favorite doll from the entire line. (Sorry, Twyla and Gigi.)

7. Cleo DeNile -- Scaris: City of Frights

2013 was a rough year for Cleo fans. Well, it was for this Cleo fan, anyway. Truth be told, with the exception of Scaris, every Cleo doll this year disappointed me in one way or another. For the most part it was the weird change in the shape of her eyes that left me cold. Luckily they nailed it with the Scaris doll. Simple but stylish outfit, great hair, and a bright faceup all contribute to making this doll one of the year's best. But ultimately there's just something intangibly "right" about this doll. She's captivated me since I got her early in the year, and I don't see that going away anytime soon. In a sea of "Cleo disappointment" she was a shining beacon; hopefully this is the doll Mattel looks to as they continue future designs for this character.

6. Toralei Stripe as Cat Tastrophe -- Power Ghouls

Last year I broke my own rule, including Toralei's basic doll in my top ten even though she was technically a 2011 doll. I even placed her at number two on the list. Clearly I love me some Toralei! It took a while but we finally got a proper second doll (I don't count the 3-pack one), and she doesn't disappoint. Being part of the Power Ghouls line puts her at a great advantage considering it's one of the best lines we've ever gotten for MH. She comes in a beautifully designed box and includes a comic book, and thanks to the superhero setup her natural villainy is amplified. What's not to love? Her retro bodysuit and 60's 'do fit her like a glove both literally and figuratively, and if you can find one with good eyes, you've got what is basically a perfect doll on your hands. What a wonderful world it would be if every MH doll was this creatively designed.

5. Rochelle Goyle -- Swim 2013

Hmm, I seem to be picking up on some subtle consternation coming from you. Yes, I know this time last year I was all but throwing daily celebrations in honor of Rochelle's Scaris doll, who's not to be seen anywhere on this list. And yes, I know this doll is ridiculously basic, even for a swim line. In regards to the first point, what can I say, I changed my mind. And to the second point -- do I even have to say it? (Less is more and blah blah blah shut up, John!) While Swim Rochelle's outfit and extras may be simple they're also exceedingly cute (especially those sunglasses). Her faceup barely deviates from her signature doll's face at all. (It's a near carbon copy, actually.) The real strength of this doll, the one thing that landed her on this list really, is that hairstyle. It's just so perfect for this character: stylish and chic, without being fussy or requiring a lot of upkeep. It feels completely natural on her; it's pure "Rochelle". I actually like that her faceup is so similar to the basic doll's because now I can put Swim Rochelle in the basic outfit and safely consider her a worthy replacement for that doll. This is my favorite version of a character that I adore. In my heart, this is signature Rochelle.

4. Skelita Calaveras -- Scaris: City of Frights

Skelita is unarguably one of the best dolls Mattel has ever created. Her unique skeletal structure is a marvel. But beyond that, what I love about Skelita is the personality that radiates from that beautiful face of hers. She's funny, cute, and awkward all at the same time. It's very endearing. Her Mexican heritage was cleverly incorporated into her design, further emphasizing her ties to one of MH's best lines to date. As I said in my review of this doll, Skelita is what we get when Mattel is firing on all cylinders.

3. Scarah Screams -- I Love Fashion

We knew this doll would be a winner the moment we learned she was part of the I Love Fashion line. What with it's emphasis on great clothes and uniquely designed dolls, it's become a favorite among MH fanatics. Scarah has a couple more things working in her favor, as well. First, she's a mod girl so her clothes were destined to be great. (Good Lord, that midi coat is still blowing my mind!) Second, thanks to her hollow banshee eyes, she's one of the creepiest MH dolls yet. As far as general eeriness goes she gives Spectra a run for her money. Scarah is simply a great character; she's retro and weird and creepy, and thereby intrinsically cool. She's pure MH and I'm eagerly looking forward to more dolls of her.

2. Clawdeen Wolf -- Scaris: City of Frights

From the very beginning, Clawdeen has been pitched as the fashionista of Monster High. But too often her supposed stylishness has come across as more loud than fashionable. Not so here. Scaris Clawdeen is chic and sexy, with an emphasis put on lux textures and rich colors. Her faceup best carries the intensity of the silver eyeshadow we saw on all the Scaris dolls. And while her hair texture wasn't the best, over time it has relaxed into a wonderful mild wave that perfectly frames her face, accentuating those striking eyes. Over the years we've seen a plethora of Clawdeen dolls, and I love a lot of them, but this one is by far my favorite. Period.

1. Jinafire Long -- Scaris: City of Frights

We continue to number one with yet another Scaris doll. (Um, surprise?) The simple fact of the matter is that Scaris stands alongside School's Out as my all-time favorite MH line. And with Jinafire being my favorite doll of one of my favorite lines, it's hardly surprising she's number one, is it? I feel she deserves it. Jina joins Skelita as one of Mattel's most creatively designed dolls, a true high point for the entire line. It doesn't hurt that she's absolutely gorgeous, with fierce, dragon eyes, an elaborate headpiece that holds wonderfully textured hair, and a beautiful dress that reads as formal without feeling costume-y in the least. Her elaborate setup within the Scaris storyline doesn't hurt, nor do her glowing skin and dragon-inspired body mods. Basically, Jinafire is a collector's doll pretending to be playline. I don't know that Mattel will ever outdo this doll in terms of pure creativity, beauty, and uniqueness. She's the whole package, and it was delivered perfectly.


  1. It's so hard to remember that Scaris is 2013. I have constantly been on the fence about getting Scaris Clawdeen as someone who has far more of her than anyone else, as well as leaning towards that Scarah. A nice round up!

    1. With the Spring dolls always coming out so far in advance it's always a little confusing as to what their "year" is. Last year I wanted so badly to include the Scaris dolls on my top 10, but it was worth the wait to get to discuss them again today and sort of reminisce on their greatness. Sounds like you're a big Deena fan so I say go get that Scaris doll! She's worth it! Ditto Scarah lol! Glad you liked the article! :)

  2. This is so unbelievable! We made the exact same list....

    NOT! Lol! ;-)
    Some of those choices are... well... how can I say this delicately without hurting your feelings? Daggers! Daggers in my heart! I'm crying tears of blood right now. How could you? (Just kidding).

    I kinda agree with some of the choices but I disagree with their ranking. You'll soon see that my own list is quite different, despite a few similar favorites.

    P.S. Do you still have your list from last year?

    1. Lol! Well if we had the exact same list that wouldn't be very interesting, now would it? I have to admit I do tend to go for a lot of the simpler dolls, more than most people, I think. My list is also pretty Scaris-heavy. I just really love that line!

      Here's my top 10 from last year:

  3. I was looking forward to this countdown! I was just about to turn off the computer (it's way passed most people's bedtime here XD) but I just couldn't wait until tomorrow :D Of course you're number one was no surprise ;) Some of the other choices are surprising... I'm also kinda surprised Gigi was nowhere on the list, I didn't expect her in the top ten, but figured she'd be somewhere in the 11-20 range? I do agree that 13W Lagoona was a tough competitor in that line for her and Twyla, though. And I always love how there is always a doll on your list that I have just kinda forgotten all about. Like here, with SRM Clawdeen. I completely forgot about her and that she was a 2013 doll, even though she was and still is a very good Clawdeen doll!
    I really enjoyed reading this, and I really like the choices on here! Now let's hope for a good MH 2014!

    1. You know, with Gigi I tried so hard to like her, and she does have her attributes. But when I was looking over the list of dolls and highlighting the ones I truly loved, she just didn't grab me like the others. I almost felt obligated to put her on there just because, but I have to go with what I really feel. I got Jane the other day and it really struck me just how much I like her more than Gigi and Twyla when I first got those two. Glad i was able to bring a few surprises (you know how I like doing that lol), and that you dug the list! So far 2014 is off to an amazing start... but then again, this time last year so was 2013. Hmm. We'll see!

    2. Hard to believe but I've already got 9 dolls set up for my Top 10 Best MH dolls for 2014! That might be 10, depending if I actually happen to like Viperine or not, once I finally see her up close.

    3. That's impressive, but what about all the dolls still to come for 2014? We've only scratched the surface of the year's doll releases!

    4. I know!
      I already have a headache (and heartache) just thinking of how incredibly hard it will be to make the actual 2014 list once all the dolls for this year have been released.

    5. Yeah, there are always some great dolls that have to get removed. If I had the time and motivation, I'd just rank every damn doll they release every year! (Howleens would surely be guaranteed to populate the bottom every year. lol)

    6. Same for me regarding Howleen. Talk about a boring and ridiculous ghoul! Her dolls are such a failure. I'm not a fan of her big sister either but at least, Clawdeen knows how to coordinate and create some catchy outfits and hairstyles ;-)

      Unless there's some major unexpected doll released in 2014, I'm pretty sure my Top 1 will be Honey's first doll. And I already know that Ghoul Spirit Spectra will be #10. Her dress is a booger mess but those black streaks in her hair are simply awesome.

      I can't wait to see what other dolls be there.

      Btw, don't you agree that the Sweet Screams line should be extended?

    7. What i dislike about Howleen is how she's such a try-hard at being popular. I know it's an important message to send to young MH fans, but it just leaves me cold. It actually really annoys me lol! I like her basic doll a lot, but everything since then for her has been pretty disappointing. I also don't like the shorter body at all, so even the way she's built bugs me. Howleen, bleh.

      I honestly can't say what any of my top 10 will be at this point. I have a feeling BC Lagoona and Clawdeen will be there, in addition to AC Abbey and Jane. But this time last year I thought PD Abbey would be a surefire top 10 doll for me, and she ended up just outside the list. So who knows. I have to admit once I got my Jane my insane need for Honey died down a bit, if only because I finally had a new character doll, and one I *really* love at that. But yeah, I still need Honey, regardless of the succor Jane has provided.

      Yes, I think (and feel) the SS line will be extended. I'd love to see Lagoona in there. Rochelle seems like a natural fit, and if they were to include Spectra can you imagine how amazing that doll would be? SS is so OTT, but in the best possible way, very Japanese-influenced, cyber -- we NEED to see Spectra decked out in OTT candy clothes. (And going even further, imagine her faceup! I'd love if they gave her the same type of huge, crazy eyes they gave Ula and Frankie.)

    8. For me, Gigi was a good doll. I didn't love her when first detailed pics started to pop up, but when I unexpectedly stumbled across her in store, I knew she'd be mine. And when I unpacked her and started to pose her for display, I fell in love with her.
      That said, With the new ghouls, especially Jane and Honey, the click was there from the very first images and pictures! So in addition, I really look forward to your review of Jane. I can't decide if I like Jane or Honey more, but Jane most definetely was a surprise doll back when she was first seen at SDCC. Her character design, those bold colors, it was all something I didn't expect Mattel to come up with. And how Mattel has established her as a character in the webisodes, I love it! She's sure to be one of my faverites :D

    9. Jane really took me by surprise too, Mighoula. She's extremely cool -- beautiful, unique, fierce. I really adore her. I hope to review her very soon, but first i gotta finish my Cat tastrophe review (pics are taken, but I haven't gotten started writing it yet). I think Jane is a "sleeper hit" doll. Right now everyone's much more focused on the New Stars, but over time I think Jane will definitely be a doll and character people genuinely love.

  4. I gotta say I'm not surprised at all that Scaris was held in high esteem by you. I myself think that Scaris is the best MH line to date if for no other reason than that I love each and every doll in the line unreservedly! I mean aside from minor quibbles this line for me is perfection! That said I kinda 'hate' you right now as not only have I only (finally) just watched the Scaris movie (and quite enjoyed it), but now that we're reminiscing I'm left wanting (so very, very badly) the ghouls I haven't yet been able to purchase. Seriously, if I had any sort of criminal/rebel streak in me I would have more than likely come up with a plan to steal said ghouls by now! I almost kinda feel like a 5yr old in a candy store that just wants everything but knows they can't (and who also knows that throwing a tantrum, although may feel good, won't do any good).
    Anywho... Good listing! I was a little surprised at some of your rankings, but overall I find that I mostly agree with you.

    1. Lol please don't resort to criminal activity because of me! That said, I've contemplated it a few times myself. J/k. It's too bad about the tantrum thing, isn't it? I'd do it all the damn time. lol

  5. I don't neccessarily agree with some of your 11-20 choices, but everything in the top ten is spot on! I suppose the saying that the cream always rises to the top is true. ;)

    Scaris Clawdeen is amazing (but Clawdeen as whole is one fabulous ghoul!) and I wouldn't have bought her if it were not for your review. So thank you for always spotting those drop dead lovely dolls I would have otherwise missed.

    1. I love that phrase, "the cream always rises". I need to use it more -- and yes, it's absolutely true. With people as with dolls, the good ones have a way of surprising you and holding their worth.

      Scaris Clawdeen is a fab ghoul so if it's because of my review she's in your life I'm honored :)

  6. I expected most of these on your least, but the ranking surprised me. Somehow I thought dolls like Diener Operetta, Toralei and Catty would be higher. I think Scaris is the best line so far and it makes sense that you included more characters from it. Another interesting list would be the best version of each character released in a year (for those that had multiples).

    1. Don't go giving me more ideas for lists, BK! I love me some list-making! As for the placements -- tbh, I'm kinda surprised Diener Operetta and Catty weren't higher too. But when I sat down and really analyzed all the dolls' attributes and how I felt about them, I just found things in the others that I felt worked more, or that I simply personally connected to more.

  7. Great list. Some I have, some I passed on, but you have had them in hand, so I might be leaning toward getting a few more of the top Ghouls on your list, especially Jinafire. I have been on the fence about her for a while now.

    I am looking forward to 2014, and what Mattel has in store for us. The Art Class girls are already out and looking good. The movie line stuff looks good too. I think we have some good stuff coming up!

    1. Thanks, Logan! Ever since she came out I've been telling anyone who'll listen to get Scaris Jina. So you can guess what my suggestion would be on your situation. ;)

      2014 has been excellent so far, I just hope they can keep the quality up for the entire year.

    2. I'm very excited for 2014.

      I'm hoping they'll extend the Sweet Screams. I'd like to see Rochelle, Lagoona, Venus and Ghoulia in this line.
      Can't wait to see New Scaremester Catty Noir and I Love Fashion Venus.

      I hope the other new lines will be successful and surprising.I'm wishing for an Operetta with very long and smooth silky hair. I also want a Spectra with original facemold, a dark and edgy faceup and amazing hairstyle and outfit. I also hope for a 2nd Honey. Wonder what she'll look like, if they make a 2nd one.

    3. Oops, just saw this other post, Tristan! Sorry about that!

      I'm excited for ILF Venus because the ILF dolls are always great, and Venus is a cool ghoul. I love Catty obviously but I would've preferred we got a new Ghoulia for NS. She hasn't had a basic doll since her first release! It's starting to get ridiculous!

      Operetta with long, smooth hair would be a dream come true. Come on, Mattel -- you can find better saran in flaming red than what you're using now so why you gotta be so cheap!??

      I think a SS Spectra would be the perfect opportunity for a dark yet wild and crazy faceup, and the outfit would surely be amazing. So I hope we see her there. Have you ever noticed how 95% of the second doll of any character has a ponytail? Take a look through the releases -- it's shocking how often they Mattel does it. So I almost wouldn't be surprised if Honey's second doll has a ponytail. What makes me doubt this is that her hair is so tight and springy. Maybe they'd go for cute little Afro puffs instead of a standard ponytail. I have to admit I think she'd look super cute with Afro puffs!

    4. I wouldn't a ponytail for Honey, as long as they succeed in making her fierce and they don't mess up her hair texture, faceup and outfit. To this day, DDG Spectra remains an amazingly beautiful doll, then again, Spectra rarely disappoints. Anyway, it'd be nice to see Honey with small Afro puffs.But they'd need to be creative and original. Maybe with small tiny braids knitted tight from the forehead to the middle of her scalp?

      It's so irritating that they always mess up Oppy's hair. What's with that? Are they doing this on purpose? Does it end up like that because of the color? It drives me nuts... well, nuttier. You get the point ;-)
      Bring your A game when it comes to Operetta's hair, Mattel.

      As for the SS line, oh yes, Lagoona and Rochelle. Lagoona because the inspiration could come from salt water toffee (one of my favorite candy, btw... HINT, HINT ;-) )
      And Rochelle because she from Scaris and the French are known for their delicious sugared-coated almonds and fine chocolate.

      I most say I'd be over the moon if they included Spectra in this line but I doubt she'll be part of it. Still, they could go truly wild and outrageous with her in that line. Not sure what kind of candy they could use for her but I'm thinking something like rock candy lollipops ( which I also adore... HINT, HINT). Maybe her outfit, hair and faceup could be dark purple, with a deep blood-ish red and some black...

    5. Based on Honey;s design, I think it's pretty much impossible for any doll of her to *not* be fierce! It's just so intrinsic to her design. When you say knitted braids, do you mean like cornrows? Cornrows leading to cute little Afro puffs would be *so* cool! I have to admit over time DDG Spectra has fallen somewhat in my estimation as we've gotten more dolls of her. That said, DDG Spectra does have the facemold I love so dearly so that will always make her a winner in my book.

      I don't know what the story is on Oppy's hair and why it's always like that, but I believe Mattel *has* to know fans aren't pleased with it, and that it could be improved upon. Maybe they're already trying -- her Diener doll has really good hair. Not great, but good, especially compared to her other dolls. But like I mentioned earlier, her BC doll looks like it's back to the ratty, dry stuff. I just don't get it. :(

      I think Lagoona and Rochelle would've both been perfect fits for the SS line. That said, based on the booklets with Frankie and Ula, it looks like Ghoulia and Abbey will make up Wave Two. Which I'm sure pleases both of us! Still, a candy-coated, sugar-high Rochelle is a missed opportunity. But I can't complain -- I'm just glad to be getting a Ghoulia who's guaranteed to have a unique design, and isn't all simplistic and part of a multipack!

      Hint taken, and as for being nutty? I wouldn't have it any other way. ;)

    6. I could be mistaken but I believe Venus and Rochelle will be part of the SS line too. We see their faces in little bubbles in one of the booklets. I wonder what kind of candy will be used for Abbey and Ghoulia... this is very intriguing.

  8. this is a pretty good round up john and i have to say i am a huge Scaris fan too... most my favorite dolls have been Scaris so far and you know how i feel about Scaris Clawdeen :) but 2014 is really blowing my mind at the moment... i love FCA, SS and NSM... i was so relieved because i haven't had a lot of extra money to doll shop lately and thanks to someone very special to me i ended up getting a lot of the dolls i have been so desperately wanting for christmas... i know your not a huge christmas fan but i was just so excited because this chrstmas for me was all about the dolls that i couldn't get myself (being out of work at the moment sucks) but i ended up with Elissabat, ILF Scarah and Clawdeen, NSM Catrine and Clawdeen, DT Robecca and Spectra, Jane Boolittle, PG Frankie, Kohl's Operetta and Clawdeen, EAH Cerise Hood, EAH-LD Briar, Apple and Raven, Die-ner play-set with Operetta and most surprising of all i am the very proud owner of a beautiful Webarella doll :) i hope im not coming across as bragging because im really not it is just that for the longest time when i would get a new doll i would always be so excited to sign on and see if you had reviewed it and tell you i got it and discuss what we thought of it and where i have been so so so fucking broke lately i have truly missed out on all the glorious new dolls and if it wasn't for that christmas stash i would never have gotten any of those dolls this year... I cant wait to see SS Ghoulia that will be so exciting and im really anticipating EAH Cedar Wood and Kitty

    1. I'm so glad to hear your special someone got you so many of the dolls you wanted. Very happy for you!!! I'm in a very similar situation work wise, so I feel your pain. My budget has been very tight, but I've somehow managed to get the dolls I wanted. What do you think of Jane? I think she's been severely overshadowed by the FCA New Stars which is a real shame. She's a fab ghoul, imo! Congrats on your Cerise! So jealous! I need her and Cupid to complete my EAH basics collection. (Well, the ones released so far, anyway.) You're not coming across as bragging at all -- you're excited about your dolls and want to share the joy with your friends! I'm glad you are!!! SS Ghoulia is bound to amaze if Frankie and Ula are anything to go by. And ditto on Kitty! Her design is out of this world. :-o

    2. i think Jane is great there are points of her outfit that are amazing and you know im a sucker for subtlety... and Jane's face up is a perfect example of that :) yeah i really lucked out on Cerise because when we went into walmart we weren't even looking for her and they had a bunch of all the other characters and then there was one lonely Cerise, just one of her and i had to grab her up i couldn't just pass on her so Shane said do you want her and i said HELL YES and he said ill get her for you for a christmas gift so that is my Cerise story #lucky i am also only missing 2 to complete my basics collection and the 2 i need are Cupid and Blondie... i do feel Jane has been overshadowed but i have to admit Honey and Ellissabat are lowing my mind and i don't even own Honey yet i have Ellissabat and she is great but im definitely scoping for a Honey :) i cant wait to see Cedar and Kitty as dolls i think Cedar will be cool just because i want to see if they are going to do body mods with EAH and make her skin look like wood or if they will just keep it smooth, what do you think ? and i just really like Cedar's color scheme the brown skin looks great with her outfit and hair... then Kitty just blows me away i cant wait to see her with her cute long curly pigtails i also like her color scheme too... i hope with SS they really make Ghoulia great because we haven't had a good deluxe Ghoulia for a long time now

    3. Yes, I love her outfit, so eclectic. But what I *really* love is her face! She has those lips in full-on pout mode. Striking eyes and the dots underneath really add a lot of interest. I even love her hair. I had to give mine a mild treatment (no boil washing needed, just a rinse and set). I'm basically obsessed with her right now lol. I love your Cerise story, very sweet of Shane! Cerise's face is so interesting. I don't know that I'd call her "beautiful", but she's very unique and interesting looking. Can't wait til she's on the shelf hanging out with Apple and Ashlynn and the rest. I'm eager for Cedar's doll too, although I hope the doll is a tad more elaborate than the character on the show. All the details on Kitty look great, she's just really fun and vivacious. But I'm also really looking forward to Lizzie and Duchess. And Bo Peep. Hell, I'm looking forward to them all. Lol!

      I have a feeling, based on SS Frankie and Ula, that we're all gonna go wild for Ghoulia. Plus it's been so long since we got a deluxe Ghoulia in the first place. I think people are gonna really flip out for her!