Monday, December 23, 2013

The Scream Before Christmas starring Sweet Screams Draculaura

One cold winter day John found himself standing not in front of a Target aisle littered with 13 Wishes,
but one with Sweet Screams,
a line he'd only before seen in his dreams.
And not just out of joy he leapt,
but also confusion, and the confusion hadn't crept.
They had both dolls, so soon, already,
John was ecstatic and a little unsteady.
He looked at them both and his heart soared so high,
"I don't need no stinkin' Honey, she's forgotten, goodbye!"
Grabbing his dolls with fiendish glee, he sprinted to the checkout and looked very gay,
"Who cares?" he thought as he checked for wonk, of which there was none -- O glorious day!
John had one more surprise in store as the beeps sounded from the checkout line,
they scanned his dolls, the price came up -- each only $12.99.

I present to you Sweet Screams Draculaura...

The next chapter coming soon...


  1. Congratulations. Very happy for you, darling.
    But I hope you don't really mean what you said about Honey... after all, it's not her fault she's hard to find.

  2. Thanks, T! Nah, I still want her badly. But finding the SS dolls has eased the anticipation quite a bit for Honey.

  3. How cool! Your excitement translated so well into poetry. Your joy makes me happy too, as if I were the one getting new dolls. I like that they finally tried pink eyebrows on Draculaura (where did they come up with the brown? ugh.). Can't wait to see Frankie!

    1. Thanks BK. I like the pink eyebrows a lot too. This is the first Ula that truly looks inhuman to me. Those bright colors and massive eyes are so striking, very monstrous, a mixture of cute and almost offputting (in a good way). Even the outline and reflection of her cheek heart is more detailed than usual. Later today and tonight I'm doing Christmas stuff, but tomorrow I'm just hanging out with my mom for a while (she doesn't celebrate holidays), so I'm hoping to do Frankie's shoot then and get it posted.

    2. No worries, take your time with Mom! Dolls can wait.

    3. I had a good day with mom :) The Frankie post is almost ready!

  4. she looks so cool... i hope to find her and frankie soon :) and also MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

    1. As always, my fingers are crossed for ya! Merry Christmas to you too, Ricky! :D