Wednesday, September 4, 2013

They didn't bring their purses.

Clawdeen Wolf, Best Overall Ghoul for 2013? I think she might just be.

Forgive the rubber band. I just know I'll lose those suckers if I take it off!

I went overboard with the saturation here. But I dunno, I kinda like it!

Told ya I'd snap some proper outdoor pics of Scarah!

This might double as a self-portrait. Tee hee.

The situation with Syria certainly is worrisome, innit? Oh, you want to talk about my coat? Very well then...

This pic cracks me up. It looks like Ghoulia accidentally leaned into frame to ask me how I was doing or something and "snap!", pic taken!

Venus in her natural environment.

For my thoughts on the Ghouls Night Out 4-Pack click here. For my full review of Scarah head over here. You can now find Voicething on Tumblr as well! Follow the link to check it out!


  1. Ahhh! I am in such awe of this post and all of these stunning photos, John! These four dolls are at the top of my list right now, and your photography skills and knack for putting them into captivating poses has me wanting them even more now. That ILF Clawdeen is just so damn cool – the purple / lime color scheme, the accessories, the retro wolf image shirt, the dark natural hair. It's funny, too, because when photos of her initially surfaced, I had mixed feelings about her face-up and hair. But I have since come to fall in love with her, and I agree that she could easily be one of this year's best Clawdeens. I've already fawned over Scarah in another comment, so I'll just enjoy looking at your photos over and over again until I can finally get my hands on her.

    I've been SO anxious to get GNO Rochelle as well, but I've been holding out for the 4-pack. So thrilled to see that you highlighted Ghoulia and Venus! Mattel could produce thousands of versions of Venus, and I'd still never get enough.

    BTW, my two most recent additions were ILS Cleo and Ula... LOVE! She's my first Draculaura, and I'm happy to have her in my collection now. I let her hair down, dressed her in the Create-A-Monster doll's striped skirt, and she looks like a total vamp now. And I see what you mean about the Cleo... although I have only the Classroom version to compare her to, her appearance is different – smaller, longer eyes, defined lips and a more complementary face-up color palette. However, I kinda prefer the Classroom version's longer hair. Her accessories – PERF.

    1. Thanks Eric! Imo ILF Clawdeen is but one of so many great Deenas this year. But yeah, she's really something else! That wolf top is just amazing, like a tacky 80's sweater done right, you know? Her hair is almost a femmullet (femme mullet lol), and it actually works!

      Agreed about Venus -- she never disappoints. Ever. It's funny because her faceups are always so simple, it really shows that less truly is more.

      That's a GREAT Draculaura for your first! Too many of her dolls are tacky sparkle explosions. The ILS doll is pure fashion imo. I can just picture her in that outfit and see it working. I want pics! :D Overall I think I'd agree the Classroom Cleo has the better hair, but when it comes to the face, the ILS doll wins hands-down! I Just love those almond shaped eyes so much! I have to admit I have a bit of a connection to the short hair since one of my earliest Cleos was DOTD, and I *love* that doll, but in general longer = better on Cleo.

      Btw, not to be shameless here, but I know you love Operetta so you should head over to The Sequel or Tumblr. Just sayin' ;)

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    1. Totally agree. Love those huge eyes in particular!