Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm pretty sure Spectra haunted Halston at some point in the mid-70's...

The evidence speaks for itself...

So I threw DJ Spectra in ILF Scarah's in-box outfit. Obviously on Scarah this look is pure 60's mod. But on DJ Spectra, what with her earthy, middle-parted, wavy hairdo and more adult-looking facemold (compared to Scarah), she gives the look a 70's bent.

Which is to say she looks glorious. Don't front. Even you loonies who say this facemold "looks old" know Spectra is totally rocking your world right now.

In a year of mostly disappointing Cleos, Spectra has been my rebound. And of all the amazing dolls we got for her this year I do believe this is my favorite.

In 1978 Spectra floated through the mirrored doors of Olympic Tower and ganked this coat. I'm convinced.

For all we know she floated along the runways, too. It's not like the normies would've seen her. (Which is a real shame given how she's totally owning this look.)

A ghost on the move!

No Spectra, we're not worthy.

A fierce attitude, vintage style, and flawless face. Clap for her.

In other news, my computer has crashed twice in as many weeks. And when I say crashed, I do mean crashed. The first time it happened I lost everything but was able to get it back up and running. I had to re-install all my programs, a pain in the butt, but at least I was back in business, so to speak. The second time it crashed it took several days to get it running again, and now that it is, it won't let me load my editing software onto the computer. All of which is a long-winded way of saying I used a totally new (and different for me) editing program for these pics. I was worried at first but as I played with the settings I found myself really warming up to it! These are the first-ever pics I edited with the program so there's probably a learning curve I'll have to adjust to. All that said, I'm pretty happy with how these came out. I may just stick with this new program! Let me know what you think! As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Oh... My... Goddess!!
    Can't believe this! I was hoping to find ILF Scarah so I could dress up DJ Spectra/13 Wishes Spectra is that exact outfit! It's like your read my mind. I swear, if you were closer, I'd kiss you for this amazing photoshoot. I'm so in love with this Spectra and I'm beyond glad that she looks so fierce in Scarah's coat. Seriously, she's breathtaking.

    Hugs & kisses ( you deserve it ;-) )

    1. You know what they say, great minds and all that! She really does look fab in the outfit, almost as good as Scarah herself -- maybe better. I gladly accept the kisses -- they made my day! ;)

    2. Glad those kisses made your day, he he ;-)
      The more I think about it, the more I believe 13 Wishes/DJ Spectra is the best Spectra of 2013, despite the "simplicity" of her outfit. (Some people even say she looks like a cheap budget doll. Can you believe this? I said I'd gladly pay $300 for her and a guy said he would barely pay more than $5 for her. Some people, eh? )

      Granted, her outfit is not as elaborated as Picture Day Spectra or Ghouls Night Out Spectra but to call it budget? Besides, this is still true to Spectra's style.

      Anyway, definitively one of my favorite dolls for 2013. If PD Spectra and GNO Spectra had the original face mold, they'd be serious contenders. Right now, this Spectra might be my favorite overall doll for 2013.

    3. Agreed on 13W/DJ Spectra being her best doll this year. Of course, I have a tendency to prefer simplicity and "less is more" in my dolls so maybe I'm biased towards the 13W doll anyway. As you point out, if the GNO and PD dolls had the original facemold there's a good chance I would've preferred them over the 13W doll. But they didn't and so here we are.

      It's funny with Spectra. I truly feel she's the most divisive character within the fanbase. The people who love her, like me, you, Tri, Victoria, and others, *really* love her! But the people that don't, *really* don't. I guess you either "get" Spectra or you don't. And for those who prefer the newer facemold over the original: "Get real -- don't you know who you're dealing with?" ;)

  2. DJ Spectra... which one is this again? Is it the 13 wishes doll? The hair is so cute!

    1. Yep, that's her! I really need to just start calling her by what she really is. I just like calling her DJ Spectra because it makes me laugh. I was worried how her hair would turn out based on the prototype pic -- Mattel doesn't always do wavy/curly well -- but it's pretty much perfect!