Tuesday, March 5, 2013

MORE Upcoming Doll Reveals!

If you head over to Patricio Q.B's Flickr stream you can preview even MORE upcoming MH dolls! There's a lot to discuss here -- let's get started!

-- First up is a second round of I Heart Fashion dolls. Like last year's Frankie and Abbey sets, these will include a brand new design for two character dolls, this time Clawdeen and Scarah Screams! Clawdeen looks gorgeous here -- her hair is lush brown waves in a sidepart, landing about midway down her back. From what I can tell, there's no green or purple in her hair, just pure brown. I approve! Her face looks great, too. She seems to have especially heavy black mascara and lips in a muted purple. Very glam. Her outfit uses the requisite purple, green, and gold, but the actual designs are very cool. She appears to be wearing a green tube top but I could be wrong. If it does have sleeves they're not visible. Over it is a cool little black vest with a thick, raised collar in purple. Her pants are purple capris paired with knee high gold boots -- all very nice. Her purse appears to be a green repaint of her sister's Dance Class boombox. Being a Fashion doll, she includes plenty of extra clothes and accessories. All in all, a beautiful Clawdeen wearing a genuinely fashionable outfit, and with plenty of extras. Next we have the doll I'm most excited for -- Scarah Screams! This doll is astounding. She's Mod perfection in a Pucci-inspired top, black hotpants, knee high white boots, and a Donald Brooks-inspired jacket. LOVE IT. Check out those sunglasses -- more Pucci inspiration? As for Scarah herself, she's just stunning here. Her side-parted, jet black hair flips outwards at the ends -- it's authentic 60s and oh-so-fashionable. Her pure white eyes are one of the best things about this character's design, and they work wonderfully here, playing off the white jacket and boots. This doll easily tops her SDCC release. Oh yeah, and her extra clothes all look fab as well. Especially that shiny green mini-dress and those opalescent heels. Did I mention I LOVE this doll? Because I really, really do!

-- Next we have a Dance Class 5-Pack, consisting of previously released Lagoona, Robecca, and Operetta, plus pack-exclusives Rochelle and Gil. Rochelle looks super cute here, with a bun, extra-bright eyes, and what I assume is a ballet outfit. It certainly looks more authentic than Lagoona's ballet outfit. I love her black-striped tutu -- this looks like an actual tutu you'd see a ballerina practicing in. As for Gil, with his shiny silver tank top, he looks like a Solid Gold dancer circa 1982. I already have the three previously available dolls so the only real draw here for me is Rochelle. I'll probably be selling off the four I don't want and keeping Rochelle.

-- The Music Festival 2-Pack of Draculaura and Clawd isn't doing much for me. I'm not feeling this Draculaura, and I don't collect male dolls, so I'll be passing on this one. I am curious what music style they're supposed to represent. It's impossible to tell from the pic. For me, anyway.

-- Last is a Ghoul's Night Out 4-Pack. The only doll in this pack that will also be sold separately is Rochelle. I've already spoken about her in a previous blog, so I'll focus on the newbies. Clawdeen's hair and face are very "been there, done that". She actually looks a lot like her Gloom Beach doll, but with curlier hair. I do love her dress, though. Ghoulia looks fantastic with a retro ponytail and interesting outfit. Love the top with it's black puff sleeves, blue bodice, and white vertical stripes. Her bone shoes are a repeat from DDG, but those shoes are so awesome I welcome their return. I'm not sold on Venus' outfit, but I love her hair, faceup (she appears to be glancing upwards, a very cool effect), and legwarmers. I'll definitely be picking this set up!

Of all the reveals I'm by far the most excited for Fashion Scarah. She's pure doll perfection. I need her, like, yesterday!

Between these newest reveals, plus the previously revealed dolls, we have a crapload of 2013 dolls to come! It's gonna be tough keeping up with all these new releases! I wish all you fellow MH fanatics the best of luck in getting hold of these dolls in a timely fashion. It can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, but it also gives us a lot to look forward to. All in all, 2013 is shaping up to be yet another great year for Monster High!


  1. Scarah is fantastic. I'm glad they're revisiting the character, she's easily one of my favorites and the outfits she comes with look great as well. TRU stores in Europe get the MH exclusives, right?

    1. I'm pretty sure the previous TRU exclusives hit Europe, so I'd say it's a safe bet that Scarah will be available, as well! She's the best doll of this bunch, if you ask me. And it's her first wide(ish) release!

    2. Yup, looks like the online store has the previous exclusives and the shipping isn't even ridiculously overpriced. Damn, I hope they stock a lot of Scarahs, it's gonna be a hot item.

  2. Omg, I miss 1 week of flickr and blogs because of school and this happens? I'll have to keep up with my fave blogs and flickr between the homework and tests because this can't go on any longer! xD
    I'm super excited for the ghouls night out 4 pack, Scarah and that new Gil. SS Gil is extremely rare here and he would bring up lots and lots of money here. Not that I would sell him if I got him.
    I excpect all of these to be exclusives. We never got packs with two or more dolls except for wave 1 Cleo and Deuce and we never got I ♥ fashion.
    Dissapointed in that but I expect some awesome reviews and pics from you John!

    1. Things move fast with MH, don't they! Sometimes it's hard to keep up with release announcements even when you don't take a week off from checking the websites.

      Yeah, I imagine these are all exclusive packs. Over at MHInsider they speculated where each pack would be sold. If I recall correctly they predicted Ghouls Night Out will be Walmart, Dance Class is Target, and Music Festival D&C are K-Mart. Fashion Clawdeen and Scarah are Toys R Us.

      I can't wait to get my hands on these dolls and review them! Especially Scarah! I can already tell you that, barring some horrible QC issues or something, Scarah will be a rave review! lol