Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Get The Look

Ghoul Spirit Spectra Vondergeist

Spectra's ready for a rollicking night out, glam in gold and chains ready to rattle! Get the look:

13 Wishes Spectra minidress...

... with gold chain wedges and matching belt.

Ghouls Night Out Clawdeen translucent zebra print top in purple and black...

... gold studded headband and black studded wrist cuff.

Gold studded choker of your choice...

... and Abbey Bominable deep purple ice purse. (Not pictured, major fail on my part.)

Ghoul Spirit Venus McFlytrap

After spending the afternoon showing her ghoul spirit at the MH pep rally, Venus got "dolled up" and hit the town with ghoulfriend Spectra Vondergeist. Get the look:

Picture Day Abbey Bominable shirt-dress in day-glo blue, purple, and red...

... white capris with matching geometric print, ice belt in black, and sparkling black shrug.

Vampire/Sea Monster CAM heels in black with purple-accented cuffs.

Her own mismatched Ghoul Spirit earrings and neon green wrist vines.

And finally, Picture Day Draculaura's heart purse in hot pink and black. (Venus chose to carry the purse black side facing out.)

Hope you enjoyed today's post! I wanted to try something a little different, and highlight how gorgeous the Ghoul Spirit dolls are once you get them into some better clothes than what they come in! As always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love their looks, well done! :)
    Today I'm going to buy Briar Beauty, just because she's the only one left in the closest shop. I'll have to go to toystore to get the others. We don't have Blondie, Cupid or Cerise in our stores yet, but it's a good thing moneywise. There has been so many new dolls lately!

    1. Thanks, Meow! Ooh, it's a new doll day for you -- exciting! :) You might actually be lucky in regards to not having the newest wave yet. Have you seen the new Cerise, with the newer faceup? She's much prettier than the first one imo, so when the new wave does show up in your area, you might get the new (better) Cerise!

    2. Yes, I saw Cerise and I love her! :D I loved the older version too. I think we are gonna get the new versions here in Finland, actually our Apple and Briar are "new wave", for example their eyebrows are "solid color" so they don't go lighter anywhere, their eyes might be a little bigger and so on.
      My 8 year old is so happy playing with Apple and Briar :) She has always kept her MH dolls in good condition, they are still like new. That's why I let her play with our dolls without me watching all the time, I trust her. If she didn't ruin the dolls when she was 6, why would she start now? :D

  2. I love the hair on this Spectra! I think I remember you saying you wished for a Spectra with black streaks? Well, congrats! Today I got my JCP driver Draculaura in the mail so here I am in your comment section sharing the joy!

    1. Yep, definitely a wish come true for this Spectra fanboy! Congrats on your JCP Ula -- such a simple doll, but so, so gorgeous! She was in my top 10 last year, very underrated doll!!! I can feel the joy and I'm sharing it :D

    2. I see Meow up there is also getting a new doll! Don't you fear your blog is turning into a forum where people talk about dolls completely unrelated to your post? :D

    3. Lol! Nah, talk it up! I don't mind! :)

  3. Nice make-overs! I'm especially surprised by Venus, she looks very good in blue. Spectra's streaks are really nice! I was hoping to see her in person over here, but for some reason we only got cases with just Frankie and Venus :S I did get Frankie though, completely unplanned. One of those GS Frankie's just grabbed me, and after redressing her I love her!
    On another note, I read in one of the above comments you mention a Cerise with newer face-up? I haven't heard of this before! This is exciting! Do you perhaps have a picture or link to this newer version? She still hasn't arrived here yet, and I'd love to see this!

    1. Thanks Mighoula! Yeah, I thought Venus came together surprisingly well here -- in fact, I think she wears the look just as good as, if not better than, Abbey! How odd Spectra wasn't in your cases. I mean we know what happened with Slo Mo, but Spectra -- no problems there. Weird. Hopefully she shows up soon for you -- get her outta that outfit she comes in and her beauty really "comes to life". Pun intended. ;)

      You can see the "new" Cerise here:

      She's really beautiful. The updated faceup puts her up there with the very prettiest EAH dolls. (For me, Apple and Ashlynn.)

    2. Oh wow, she is very pretty! Looks like her make-up is darker, it fits her character. Thanks for the link. I'm curious to find out wich one comes to my country.

    3. From what I hear, in most international territories the new one is the one being shipped. So if that's the one you're wanting chances are high she's the one you'll get!