Saturday, October 26, 2013

Abbey the Great and Powerful

Throughout history, long, wild hair has been associated with power. Not just any power; I'm talking about the kind that taps into something intangible, metaphysical, even occultic. And more often than not this intangible power has been linked to women. It was once believed that for a witch to tap into the highest force, her hair must be wild and untamed. Even in modern times, loose, feminine locks connote a sort of strength (though it's often connected to carnality, as well). Whatever the case, be it openly or subconsciously, a woman with big, tousled, wild hair is seen as a force to be reckoned with. And if that really is the case, then Haunt The Casbah Abbey Bominable must be the most powerful woman on Earth...

Um... wow.

I mean, there's just so much of it! And it's so big. And it's doing about three different things all at the same time: it's curly except where it's straight, braided and banded and under control in front besides that portion where it isn't, a buoyant bouffant except where it's flat.

Her faceup is pretty great. Not amazing, but not bad by any means. I know the yellow-gold eyeshadow is new for Abbey, but for me the most noteworthy thing about this faceup is that it has somehow managed to make her "angry" eyes look a little more friendly. I'm not so into the angry eyes so this seemingly softer expression gets a big thumbs up from me.

Like all the HTC dolls, my history with this Abbey is checkered. When she was unveiled at SDCC, I thought she looked pretty amazing. When I started seeing the actual doll on store shelves my mind changed. Every single one I looked at had insane, messy, tragic hair. I finally found one I liked a few weeks ago and bought her. Once I got home I hemmed and hawed over her, never taking her out of the box. I eventually returned her.

Earlier this week I found another one I liked and bought. Again I hemmed and hawed, but this time I decided to keep her; out of the box she came! (By the way, this pose combined with that giant mane of curls reminds me of early-80's Barbie box drawings. Love it!)

I feel my diligence in holding off on HTC Abbey, and patience in finding just the right one, paid off. In my opinion this is one of the best HTC Abbeys you're gonna lay your eyes on, either in person or online.

Compared to the other HTC dolls Abbey's outfit seems a bit simple.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a plain or boring outfit by any means! It's very detailed!

It's just that it doesn't seem to have quite as much going on. The others' outfits have removable layers to varying degrees; not so, Abbey's dress.

It looks great anyway, of course. I love the snowflake pattern on the outer layer of tulle. The black, grey, and white colors combined with the style of draping gives the look a ghostly vibe. (Change the colors and print and this would've been great on Spectra.)

The snowflakes are sparkling gold on the outside, white underneath. Since the skirt is pleated both sides face outward, creating a nice contrast.

All of Abbey's accessories (except her shoes and lantern) are solid, sparkling gold. In general the various pieces are smaller in size compared to the other HTC dolls. I like this a lot -- it subtracts greatly from the "gaudy factor".

I'm glad I held out for the right HTC Abbey; I got one that leaves me feeling surprisingly impressed with this release. Given how HTC Draculaura turned out, Abbey could've been an even bigger disaster. Luckily that's not the case.

See you in Art Class, Abbey!


  1. Ah!
    So glad you did a review about this Abbey! It's one of my favorite version of Abbey. That big and wild hair works wonders for her. Better not mess with that ghoul, especially when she's dressed to kill. She's bold and daring and very edgy. She's also got a big 70's/80's disco vibe. I can seriously see her dancing all night long with some strong, diva moves, non-stop, while everyone else eventually gives up.

    There's no doubt in my heart and mind that 13 Wishes/HTC Abbey is the 2nd best doll in that line. I wonder who the first could be.... hmmmm?

    1. I can totally see the disco vibe you're talking about! Not to bring this back around to Barbie (yet again), but this Abbey reminds me quite a bit of Golden Dreams Barbie from the early 80's. I have a feeling you know of her ;) I can picture Abbey dancing her ass off on the floor, but in my mind she's doing a combo of the Hustle with her village's traditional yak dance. It's funny in my mind. lol

      I haven't the foggiest who your favorite in the line could be ;)

  2. i have yet to come across this abbey in person, when i finally do she will complete my 13 wishes collection she is the only one i don't have... i think my favorites in this line would have to be frankie and twyla if you find good ones of those 2 they do not disappoint i love what they did with frankies hair adding the blue and the way they styled it and i love that her stitches are gold on her cheek and i love her dress, with twyla i was impressed the only thing i didn't like with twyla was her accesserioes i feel they could have been a little different and it would have really made her stand out but she became more of a fav of mine after seeing the 13 wishes movie because i loved her personality and the way they scripted her fit her perfectly... i will definitely hold out for a good abbey though, if the ones i find are a little off because i feel when you hold off to get a doll the way they were meant to be seen (instead of factory defects or damage in shipping) then it makes the doll so much better

  3. i forgot i was going to get your opinion... recently i got the GNO 4 pack and love it, ghoulia's out fit is awesome and clawdeen is super sexy... i know you did a post on rochelle from the GNO line and we have been talking about how great spectra is but i don't remember reading if you got the 4 pack or what you liked and didn't like about it, so i was just wondering

    1. Here's a caption write-up I did on GNO --

      As for 13 Wishes, my feelings are pretty meh on the line as a whole. Not bad, not great. The playsets were both among the best we've gotten, so that's a big plus. Of the HTC dolls, my favorite is a toss up between Clawdeen and Abbey. My favorite thing about Frankie is, like you said, her gold stitches and light blue streaks. I also like the torso clip-on, probably the best thing about her outfit imo! I'm glad you like Twyla, and I can see why you do. I kept going back and forth on her and at this point she doesn't do much for me, but she's not a bad doll by any means! My favorite dolls from the line overall are Lagoona and Spectra. I'm definitely ready for FCA! :D

    2. well if your ready for FCA go to toots toys they have the BC line in stock and ready to ship (i like to pick my dolls in person, unless its one that's hard to find) and they have the in box pics on there that you can magnify and i have to say i think FCA is going to be as great as we thought the box art is great !!

    3. Thanks, Ricky! They look fantastic, not too wonk-eyed or anything lol. For the time being I'm gonna hold off though. Glad to see the seller isn't charging outrageous prices for them btw!

  4. yeah toots toys is usually well priced, they do up-charge but usually not a lot, i think their FCA dolls are a little too high just because BC is going to be a budget line so 29.99 is a little much when if you wait you can get them for probably 15.99... toots toys is a lot better than most the scalpers though, if it is rare or hard to find they charge a lot more like webarella for 225.00 and you can get her on ebay for 150.00 but for the most part they have fair prices... i think FCA:BC is the budget line and then FCA:NS is going to be the deluxe line

    1. I didn't know they were charging those kind of prices for the rarer dolls. Actually I didn't even know they had the rarer dolls. But yeah overall they're reasonable, compared to other scalpers anyway.