Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review: Dance Class Operetta

You know, I feel kind of bad for the Dance Class line. As soon as early pics of the dolls surfaced the general fan reaction was mixed-to-negative. When the dolls started hitting shelves about a month ago there was the usual buzz associated with a new line and a lot of fans started to re-evaluate the dolls. But less than two weeks later the deluxe Scaris dolls hit shelves, followed immediately by the Picture Day and Scaris budget dolls. And just like that, Dance Class was virtually forgotten. Talk about bad timing.

I've already covered the other three Dance Class dolls. With today's Operetta review I'll be finishing my coverage of this line, in review form anyway. I've already bumped this review back a couple of times now and with all the Scaris and Picture Day dolls hogging the blog the last few weeks I thought it was time for a break. Of course I've still got Scaris Clawdeen to review soon not to mention the budget Scaris dolls. And then there's the matter of that amazing-looking Picture Day Lagoona -- she'll most definitely be making an appearance here at Voicething in the near future! But today is Operetta's day so let's get down to it.

Operetta's dance style is swing. In fitting with the other Dance Class dolls her outfit is more like a swimsuit + wrap combo. But no matter, what really interested me about this doll was the fact that she was the first Operetta release since her basic to not have a ponytail. I was also intrigued by her face, which based on pics I thought was reminiscent of her Kohl's doll. Once I saw her in person I realized it actually had much more in common with her Dot Dead Gorgeous doll. I'm actually glad I waited a bit to review this one. There for a while I fluctuated between liking her, loving her, and feeling completely bored by her, but now my overall feelings on Dance Class Operetta have gelled.

This Operetta wears the now standard earring mask, this time in pure purple. Her faceup is a less dramatic remake of her Dot Dead Gorgeous doll's faceup. She has the same pink eyeliner but this time it's in a much lighter shade. Like DDG Operetta she has eyeshadow surrounding the entire eye in a smokey shade but here it's a calm purple rather than the previous doll's dark brown. The two share a nice shimmer that goes to their brows but Dance Class Operetta is missing the eye catching glitter to accompany it. Our new Operetta's lips are a friendly orange-red, totally lacking the drama of DDG Operetta's blood red lips. Overall I prefer the previous doll's faceup but Dance Class Operetta is certainly very beautiful, too. This is probably the friendliest-looking Operetta released to date. I've always felt that after Spectra (the first facemold one, that is), Operetta was the oldest-looking doll. Doll's with mature faces tend to look more naturally glamorous to me and Operetta is no exception. Even this friendlier-faced doll still manages to look very glam. And hey, now that Spectra has officially drank from the fountain of youth I guess that means Operetta is now the oldest-looking doll, to me anyway.

Dance Class Operetta is the first doll since her basic to not have a ponytail. I was glad to hear about this (the ponytails were getting boring), but wondered how she would pull it off. With the exception of her Kohl's doll Operetta always has dry, ratty hair. Although I wouldn't exactly call this doll's hair silky it's definitely an improvement over the previous hair. It's still a bit dry but not nearly as much as in the past and the rattiness is completely gone. I'm sure a big part of this is thanks to the fairly simple hairstyle. It's parted on her right and simply falls down past her shoulders. It's layered and has an extremely mild wave, almost unnoticeable. It's held by a white-dotted, purple bandanna wrapped around her head. The bandanna is cinched and knotted and flares up dramatically. It's a great effect, and I like that it and the mask are the only purple she's wearing. It keeps things from looking too matchy-matchy. Operetta's hair is completely red except for a few black streaks underneath in the back. This really is a very simple hairstyle but it works for this doll. The bandanna gives the look just the kick it needs to keep from being too nondescript.

She wears my favorite of the Dance Class outfits after Robecca's blueberry combo. Her leotard (well, swimsuit) is black with a print of white dice with red dots. The straps are red ribbon that tie in the back. Over this is a tutu in white with a really cool black spiderweb print. It has an elastic band and can be removed. I like how the tutu lays, folding in on itself to create a nice gathered effect. The texture of both the swimsuit and tutu feels nice -- they're a bit thin but have a smooth knitted texture. The colors and prints are pure Operetta.

Her shoes are an updated take on the classic saddle shoe. The body is pure white and has molded shoestrings and a window on the hood. The very tip of the hood is black. The soles are a wedge and platform that are painted and molded to look like piano keys. I like this unique approach to the saddle shoe. Both the style and theme (the piano keys) play up Operetta's 50's music maven personality.

Aside from the previously mentioned bandanna and mask Operetta's only accessory is her dance bag. It's another hard, cylindrical piece, a la Dance Class Robecca and Lagoona. Operetta's is solid red and features molded musical notes and a prominent treble clef. The round ends have grooves that mimic a record. One side also has a little skullette in the center. I like this bag but wish the detailing was painted -- black, white, purple, whatever. As it is the intricate details are easy to miss. But hey, at least they're there!

Overall grade: B+ This is a budget doll and that comes through in the lack of extras and general vibe of the doll. That said, there are some great details here -- the updated saddle shoes and treble clef bag come to mind. I like the outfit quite a bit and everything feels true to Operetta's character. The hairstyle is simple but the actual quality is an improvement on her past dolls; the bandanna really goes a long way in adding some spice to the look. Although I still feel the Kohl's doll is the one to beat when it comes to great Operettas this is definitely a nice take on the character.

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