Friday, January 4, 2013

Robecca, Robecca

I was disappointed with Robecca Steam's basic doll. Well, more specifically, I was disappointed with the basic Robecca Steam doll that I happened to get. You can read about that here. After hearing people rave about Mattel's customer service I decided to give it a try myself, hoping to get a higher quality doll. I called the number on the bottom of the box and was surprised at how quickly I was speaking directly with an agent. I told her about my problems with the doll and she asked me a few questions, including where I bought the doll and how much I payed. She also had me read her the item number on the box. She took my name and address and I was put on hold. Literally less than a minute later the agent was back on, telling me a new Robecca doll would arrive at my home in five to seven business days. And that was it! She was incredibly friendly and the call took less than five minutes total. I was impressed by how easy the whole process was, and even more impressed when the doll showed up just two days later. All those raves proved to be quite accurate!

Robecca one, Robecca two

So how about the doll? Well, the biggest problem with my first Robecca was her limited head movement, and the new Robecca honestly isn't a huge improvement. Her head still feels a little stiff and up and down movement isn't much better. Am I the only one having this problem with Robecca dolls? Am I being overly picky? Maybe I'm just not meant to have a rubbernecking Robecca.

Robecca one

Robecca two

If the dolls have too similar necks there are other, unexpected aspects that are markedly different between the two. The new Robecca's hair is far less wavy than the first Robecca's. Although I like the big, unruly waves in my first Robecca's hair I have to admit the straighter tresses of Robecca two appeal to me more. She looks sleeker, more sophisticated. Intrigued by this unexpected difference I also checked out the amount and location of the doll's blue streaks, but that seems about the same on the dolls.

Two, one

One, two

Another difference was immediately noticeable as well but the cause isn't quite so clear. Robecca two seems to have a slimmer face. The two doll's eyes seem to be the same size; ditto their lips. It actually looks like it may be in the cheeks but wouldn't that basically mean one of the heads is bigger than the other? Is that even possible with mass produced dolls made from molds? Both were made in Indonesia but have different batch numbers. I guess it's possible but it seems unlikely. Whatever the case, there's definitely a difference I'm picking up on.

Can you guess which is which? It's pretty easy, right?

The final difference is subtle but one I'm pleased with, and that is that the paint on the face of Robecca two isn't quite as thick as it is on Robecca one. This was a minor complaint I had with the first doll so I'm glad to see an improvement here. Come to think of it, maybe the thinner paint is creating the slimmer look in the face. Hmm...

Overall I prefer Robecca two, but just barely. The straighter hair and slimmer face give Robecca two a sleeker, more glamorous vibe. Robecca one comes across as unruly and wild. I'm disappointed my biggest complaint -- the neck -- hasn't really been improved upon, but Robecca is a gorgeous doll that I liked anyway. It's cool to have two of her now. I have Robecca twins, one a sleek glamour queen, the other an exotic wild beauty.

Glamour queen, wild beauty.

By the way, feel free to comment on any other differences you might notice between the dolls. Or to tell me the dolls are exactly alike and I'm seeing things. Lord knows it's not outside the realm of possibility.


  1. It kinda seems like your old Robecca has a more dramatic upwards slant to her eyes, as well. I had gotten a Robecca when she first came out, and just bought another one a few days ago. Was also pretty surprised at the differences between them! The first thing I had noticed was the hair being more contained as well, but unfortunately the new one has a thick bald line right under where the goggles sit.

    And I think I know what you mean about the paint being thinner on the new one - with mine, the edges are much crisper and finely contoured. I think the only other big difference I noticed between mine where that the eyes seemed more defined and smaller on the new one, but my old ones' eyes were pretty misprinted anyway.

    1. Glad to see it wasn't just in my head! Lol! Now that you mention it I do think the eyes on my first Robecca slant upwards more sharply. As for the face paint, Robecca two seems to be a little less thick, and yes, the lines seem finer.

      Thanks for stopping by, by the way!

  2. Yeah, it does look like the difference you're seeing in their faces is the eye placement! I've noticed it in two identical Cleos I got, where one has wider eyes and looks terrible, and the other has perfect eye placement and looks gorgeous!

    Look at the height of their eyebrows as well, compared to the rivets. One is higher there was well. :)

    1. Good eye, Quinn! No pun intended ;) If you look at the very last pic it's also noticeable looking at their purple eyeshadow. The purple on Robecca one (on the right) is located at two completely different places on each eye - one is much higher than the other. Robecca two's looks more level. This would also explain the more severe looking slant of Robecca one's eye. It really is fascinating how these subtleties can make such a huge difference. I bought extras of SRM Ghoulia and Lagoona and they're definitely different from the first dolls I bought in many ways. Lagoona's entire vibe is totally different from the first one -- not just her face, her hair too. It's much more relaxed.

  3. Every doll have little differences. Eyes are little lower or something like that. I have noticed that there are huge differences between British and American Werewolf sister 2-pack dolls. They are totally different. And of course Skull Shores 5-pack Ghoulia and Draculaura are not the same as basic Skull Shores ones.

    Have you noticed glue problem in your dolls hair? I'm rwally worried about this.

    1. It's funny you mention SS Ghoulia and Draculaura. I ended up picking up the 5-Pack after I had already gotten the solo SS Ghoulia and Draculaura dolls. They really are different from each other! Imo the solo dolls in general are better than the dolls from the pack, especially their hair.

      As for the glue problem, I've heard about it but I haven't noticed it on any of my dolls. I read somewhere (can't remember where) that the problem likely stems from people boil perming their doll's hair. Not sure how accurate that is but I don't do boil perms and haven't had any glue problems.

    2. I prefer SS 5-pack Ghoulia. She's like a crazy cousin.

      By the way, I have a little fantasy about Scaris 5-pack. It would include Abbey, Ghoulia, Draculaura, Cleo and Lagoona. That would be great. Well, I don't like Draculaura much but it doesn't matter.

    3. I really like the 5-pack; the only change I would've made would be to replace Draculaura with Lagoona. That said, I actually like SS Draculaura. I love her widow's peak bangs and cute sailor's uniform swimsuit and hat. Honestly though I like all the SS dolls -- it's one of my favorite lines. The swimsuits are for the most part very nicely designed, very chic and retro. And the dolls are all very pretty.

  4. I just checked and the head of my Robecca is also a bit hard to move so I think it's a common Robecca thing. My Robecca also has the less curly hair like your Robecca two.
    I also wanted to point out that it looks like your Robecca one has different eyes than Robecca two.
    Maybe it's just me but her eyes look a bit oddly shaped, I don't really know how to explain it (it's hard in English xD) but maybe you can see where I'm coming from.
    It could be her lavender eyeshadow which is making the eyes look like that though.

  5. Ah, I just read that others already noticed the eye thing. Lazy me not wanting to read before commenting ;)

  6. My Robecca has a ridiculously stiff neck too.

    I don't know how everyone but me manages to get Mattel to send them a new doll without having to send mine back first...I'm always worried they'll send me the wrong one back =/

    1. The stiff neck thing is a real problem -- and it seems more and more MH dolls have them. It takes a lot of the fun out of the doll, doesn't it? I have four Rochelle dolls now and only one of them *doesn't* have a bad neck. Yuck.

      I think with Mattel customer service it's luck of the draw. Some agents will send one right to you, others ask for the doll you already have to be sent back first. They're not consistent at all in that regard.