Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: Venus McFlytrap Basic

Released in early July of this year, Venus McFlytrap and Robecca Steam are the newest character dolls available at the moment. Venus, who's doll I'm reviewing today, is the daughter of the Plant Monster. I'm not entirely sure what that means, but her name suggests a connection to Audrey II, the Venus flytrap/alien monster from Little Shop of Horrors. Venus is big into ecology and has powers of Pollen Persuasion, two traits that link her to comic book villainess Poison Ivy. But what little we've seen of Venus suggests she's a friend to the Monster High crew, not an enemy. Once she's been around longer and becomes fully developed I'll give her the star treatment and she'll get a character spotlight.

This being Venus's Basic release, she comes with a pet and a diary. Her pet is a cool looking Venus flytrap named Chewlian. His leaves form a mohawk on his head, and he sports a huge, toothy grin. He rests in a flower pot, but unfortunately he's very top heavy and won't sit upright. I had trouble getting a good picture of him, so Venus's official product picture featuring Chewlian will have to do for now.

Hmm, this shot seems to suggest he magically floats. Mine doesn't magically float...

Being a plant monster, Venus has bright green skin. Her ears have a veiny, pointed leaf shape, and her hands are also textured to be vaguely plant-like. These are the only monstrous body modifications she has. She has seven (seven!) fangs, but these are painted onto her lips, similar to Draculaura and Abbey's fangs. Venus has a stunningly beautiful face...

Oh, quit! I'm blushing!

She has gorgeous sky blue eyes, with just a hint of green. Her faceup is surprisingly simple -- she has very thin strip of light purple eyeliner; this is surrounded by a layer of magenta eyeshadow that comes to a dramatic tip near her hairline. And that's it for her eyes! There's no glitter or even a sheen. Her lips are a deep pure red, with the aforementioned seven fangs (I wouldn't make this girl angry). It's a clean, simple faceup. She has a friendly face -- not exactly sweet-looking, but not fierce, either. I like it a lot.

The 'do is what really stands out on this doll. On one side she has very long (down to her knees), straight, hot pink and green streaked hair. On the other side her head is "shaved". The look is achieved by using hot pink felting on that side of her head. It's a striking look, no doubt about it. 

She wears a black knit top with short sleeves. It has a print of shooting stars and squiggles that look a bit like graffiti. The colors are hot pink and yellow. This is worn with a pair of knit tights that go just below the knees. The print is again hot pink and yellow, plus some black. The print itself is different from her top; it has more of a block design -- no stars and graffiti. Over the tights she wears a solid black, knit micro-mini skirt. She sports a denim jacket in a bolero cut. The jacket's right breast has three buttons (non-functioning), and a  hot pink, yellow, and orange skullette with the words eco punk next to it. I love this outfit. It's very 80s -- kind of a post-punk dance diva look. It has a vague Keith Haring look to it. Madonna circa 1985 could've worn this.

Into The Groove is stuck in my head now.

Her shoes are hot pink high heeled sneakers. The neon green shoestrings are molded, and at the front of each shoe are green teeth in a smile. These are some cool shoes; very unique!

"My shoe took a bite out of me!"

All of her accessories are green and just a shade darker than her skin. In her right ear she has four earrings, all small hoops. In her left ear she just wears one earring, a molded dangling vine. This matches her necklace, which rests on her neck in a circling vine pattern. On each wrist she sports a winding vine bracelet that frames each of her hands. Her most interesting accessory is the matching molded vines that wrap around her legs. They poke out of the top of each shoe and go up just past her calves. When I first saw pictures of Venus I thought these were actually a part of her shoes but they are, in fact, separate.

Instead of a purse she carries a bag made of recycled material. It's light pink and has a print of skullettes colored like the Earth's atmosphere -- blue and green. These are mixed with pink hearts with a ribcage inside them, and pink bones. It has one strap made of light pink ribbon.

Eco Punk

Overall grade: a resounding A+! This is one cool doll! I love her punk hairstyle and retro clothes. Her face is absolutely beautiful. Her ecology-meets-punk theme really appeals to me. The vine accessories are unique and visually interesting. I can't wait to see more of Venus, both on the webseries and in doll form. Consider me a fan!

Top two images: Mattel. The rest: yours truly


  1. I wholeheartedly agree! Just got my Venus today and I'm more than pleased with her. She's fucking amazing <3

  2. Dude glad you made it over from the forums! Congratulations on your Venus! I wasn't that excited about her when they first revealed her but yeah, once I got her I fell in love lol. Her face and hair are incredible.

  3. Haha, I have this shit bookmarked ^-^

    Funny that you say that, I was'nt to keen on her either at the time she was unveiled. I thought she had too much pink and her facemold reminded me too much of Ghoulia's. I got her to complete my W4 set, and when I got her out ... I was impressed!
    Still wish she had a bit more green hair, but she's damn great. Her hair is sooo soft too. They better not give her the Spectra treatment though.

    1. I totally agree -- it's still weird to think we were getting just the second Spectra doll at the same time that the sixth Abbey doll was coming out -- and Spectra's basic was released before Abbey's basic. I really am wondering about it since it's confirmed we're getting another Robecca next year, but there's nothing about another Venus yet.