Friday, August 31, 2012

Review: Ghoulia Yelps + Scooter Playset

2012 has been quite the summer for MH collectors! It seems there's no end to the amount of dolls, playsets, and exclusives Mattel has heaped on us the last few months. Maybe they think the summer heat will give us all a collective sunstroke and in our foggy daze we will buy anything they throw at us. Maybe they're right. I know I've been snapping up dolls like there's no tomorrow, and I've been loving it (my wallet, not so much).

But this post isn't about Mattel's evil genius (well, perhaps in some sort of meta, I paid money for your product and now I'm basically endorsing it on a blog kind of way), it's about my cool new toy! Yesterday I made a run to the local Toys R Us, and sitting there on the bottom shelf was just what I had hoped to find: the new Ghoulia Yelps with her groovy new scooter! The scooter by itself is a wide release; if you want the Ghoulia doll with it, you have to go to TRU. Yep, it's yet another exclusive. Sigh. That said, this is probably a Ghoulia you'll want.

She has fairly simple eyeshadow, similar to her Dead Tired doll in that it's one shade, but a bit darker on this version. I like this because it puts the emphasis on her striking blue eyes. What really stands out is her bright green lip color. It's unique among the Ghoulia dolls and really pops when contrasted with her grey skin. Her hair is thickly rooted, has a light wave, and falls down to just above her rear. It's the usual dark and light blue streaks. Her outfit is amazing, one of the best we've ever seen for Ghoulia in my opinion. She wears a short, sleeveless halter type dress with a red, white, and grey splatter print. This is accessorized with a white, sleeveless "leather" jacket with zipper detailing (it doesn't actually zip), and tall, black biker boots with three red skullets down each side. She also comes with a grey, tombstone shaped backpack with red straps, and a black helmet with red glasses attached. The overall look is reminiscent of the 60's; she's like a biker babe from a Russ Meyer exploitation flick. She's extremely cool.

But that's not all! We have the scooter to examine, as well! I'm generally not into the Monster High playsets and vehicles but I'm LOVING this scooter! In true MH fashion it perfectly combines elements of cute and creepy. Firstly, it matches Ghoulia's clothes, going with a red, white, and grey general color scheme. It has a white racing stripe that runs up from the front wheel cover to the handlebars, with a little skull head right in the center. Under the skull is a grey basket made to look like a ribcage (awesome). The handlebars are red with black handles, and red and black streamers hang down the sides. The inner portion of the front plate and footpiece is black, with a white spinal cord running down the center. The seat is made of "quilted" red brain matter, with the side portions underneath covered with a cherry print sticker. The back has a coffin shaped compartment (it actually opens) and a splattered license plate that reads "BRAINS". See what I mean -- cute and creepy!

The set also includes Ghoulia's pet owl Sir Hoots A Lot (who comes with his very own helmet and glasses), and a drink with straw for Ghoulia. There's a retractable kickstand made of bones to display the scooter. Best of all? Ghoulia can actually "grip" the handlebars while seated! So this works just as well as a display toy as it does a play toy. This is a great example of why MH appeals as much to adults as it does to children.

Overall grade: A+ You get a beautiful Ghoulia doll in a great outfit, her cute pet owl who comes with his very own accessories, and a retro-cool, functioning scooter. Quality control was good for this release, as well. Good job, Mattel!

All images by yours truly


  1. I really need to get this set. Badly! I love scooters, an I love Ghoulia!

    1. I hope you do get her! I'm sure you'll love both the scooter and doll. I honestly couldn't say which I like more.